Thursday, February 21, 2013

A War on Two Fronts

Storms rolling across the globe like the Army's in the conflict in the Middle East has the landscape shaking up all over the place.  Nature and Man seem to be both at a high boiling point, a War on Two Fronts.  Does seem like something is up.   I never in my life came to witness such events presented in this film.  With the pounding of War and the planet opening a can of Whoop Ass.  Man, who's gonna win?

What is anybody thinking?  Let's have a look.  

thinksmart5 1 month ago

weather has changed. when a storm is approaching: 1) clear storm drains, gutters 2) put up flood boards, protect windows 3) evacuate remove items you treasure this isn't always the answer. mother nature you will not stop. time to move from the coasts. in indianapolis, that was a man made bomb. criminals set a bomb to a gas heater - they were in debt. 3 are charged w/murder.

robert hersey 1 month ago

this storm was feed by haarp,,, the satilite pics prove it 

FOX3114 1 month ago

Water world?

TheBobbieherd 1 month ago

In this video when the transformer explodes take a look to the left and it looks like the pale horse came out of the explosion..

Michael Tucker 1 month ago

i am tripping off of this music in the background...


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