Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Creeping Ice

Ice TSUNAMI destroys Canada fishing town cottages of Ochre Beach in Manitoba as ice rises out of Canadian Lake Dauphin and destroys Homes. Strong winds of over 55 mph moved the ice quickly, smashing through houses in minutes, moving furniture through rooms, and completely destroying several homes. One official, Clayton Watts, told the Winnipeg Free Press: "The whole thing happened in about 10 minutes. "We had people barbecuing on their decks. They turned around to go inside to get something, they came back out and their decks were ripping apart. "It was like a freight train coming through, they say."

Darla Johnson, who filmed the event, told CBS: "You could hear it right through the doors, that's what alerted us to all of it. "And we turned around and you could just see it. It's creepy because it starts coming towards you and you're like 'What is that!'" The phenomenon follows several weeks of unusual weather conditions in the US, which have seen late snowfall and cold winds during an unusually late spring.

Minnesota Ice Blob-like in the movie "The Blob" a resident caught footage of a wave of ice that crept off another lake in Minnesota as foam froze and was pushed ashore by strong, icy winds. Billions of needles of ice seemingly crawl up out of the lake and swarm over the shoreline.


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