Thursday, June 13, 2013

Death For Modern Times

Power, violence and mass death in middle ages and modern times undertake an entirely new task of analyzing, through comparison, the importance of power, violence and mass death in this century.  With today’s technology we can discover a plague earlier before it hits the masses. Violence is still present but not at the acceleration of mid-evil times, world wars and racism dominated the world at one time.

 Back in the day, it was hard to follow the money changing hands and like technology with truth media and the flow of information on the web one can easily see what the powers of humankind are controlling.  Power mostly controls violence which turns to wars, a prime example of this today is Syria. Syrians are being killed at an average rate of 5,000 per month, the U.N. said Thursday as it raised the overall death toll in the civil war to nearly 93,000, with civilians bearing the brunt of the attacks. It's all over the media and stepping back and looking at the condition which causes this civil unjust you see the tiller's at the wheel. 

 All over the globe, we see today the hand of death in our modern times, it can't hide it's ugly face anymore.  And as far as nature is concerned, well we have warnings in advance to head for higher ground or take shelter if people choose to do so, you have to monitor the weather today, she's deadly.  All eyes are on the death of modern times, keep a watchful eye and don't purchase from the tiller's of the wheel which would have your ship on the rocks. 



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