Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Earth is You

Many of the astronauts aboard the ISS and one in particular, Coronal Chris Hadfield mentions "while orbiting the earth ever 92 min. one sees no borders" and being isolated from society while in space he felt closer to all of us.  He mentioned, "this is not just about me, we're all in this together".

Watching many of the flyovers put together by NASA and the crews aboard the ISS, how on earth does one person think that they're so special?  Be it money and or power just isolates that individual from the nature of things.  Hadfield mention some will never get it!  But for the ones who do get it,  we're here to serve not man but humanity as a whole and to be great stewards of the planet.

The Native Americans knew of this and explained it quite simply, care for the air you breathe and water you drink.  Tend to the land, you do not own it. Wow, I think that's where we miss the boat.  Ownership of our possessions builds borders and creates the me, me, me world, seeking reward for everything you do, meaning if there is no payment what's the gain? Like Hadfield said, some will never get it! 

This is a great planet and others like it (Goldilocks Zone) are too far away at this time to explore, the monetary system of today's world is not structured to support all life and with that, there is no luggage rack atop a Hurst.


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