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FSX The Real Sim

Pilot training, I can remember going for my check ride with Harold W. Spencer a WWII Ace who is now in the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame.  Back in the 80s computers were just coming around to the PC the 286 and the software was primitive.  Microsoft hit the market with Flight Simulator, for me, this was just the ticket.

Spence was the general manager of Planemasters at DuPage Airport and rumor had it he checked no one off on their first ride, salty bugger but took flying very seriously, you had to prove yourself.  So we go up together and Spence worked me every which way.  After landing he's going through my log book and asked, where have you logged simulator time? You need 40 hrs of sim time you don't show 1 hr! How the hell am I to check you off?  I replay Spencer Sir, I have hundreds of hours of sim time Sir, with Microsoft Flight Simulator on the computer at home, Sir. Spence replays, I heard about that, tell me is it any good?  I looked at him and said well Sir what do you think of my flying today?  He gets right in my face and says "tie and chuck my aircraft and find it in the same order before you got in it, then come to my office!"  He leaves the plane and I'm like Oh shit, no license for me today!  I secure the aircraft and head to his office, he's at his desk and says close the door!  Now how do you spell Private,  I was like p,p,private and he said that's what you made today. I yelled out yes! so loud he told me later my voice still rings in his office.  I was of an elite few that ever was checked off on the first ride, thanks, Spencer Sir!  But I know I earned it.      

 From the Chicago Tribune:

Mr. Spencer, a flight instructor for 36 years, logged more that 34,000 hours of flight time. During World War II, he piloted a P-51 Mustang fighter and won two Distinguished Flying Crosses as well as a Presidential Commendation.

In 1944, he volunteered to be part of the "Frantic VII" mission to help relieve Warsaw, which was surrounded by the Nazis and flew fighter escort missions for B-17 bombers dropping supplies and ammunition to the city's residents. Since the fighter pilots did not have enough fuel to return to England afterward, they landed at a small field in the Soviet Union. The Polish government awarded him and others who took part in the mission with special medals last year on the 50th anniversary of the flight.

 In 1985, Mr. Spencer was honored as the Federal Aviation Administration's "Flight Instructor of the Year." In 1992, he was inducted into the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame.

 He was the founder and president of the Chicago Flight Instructors Association and of the Chicago Pilots Examiners Association. As a result of his work as an FAA accident prevention counselor, he was named the "Regional Safety Counselor of the Year" in 1993.

 "He was a war hero, pilot and mentor," said DuPage Airport director Thomas Fawell Sr. "The skies are a safer place today because of his lifetime of dedication."

I am so honored to have been in the presence of this man, one thing for sure when he gave me my Private Licence he told me now I can go learn how to fly and the ones who come down on the ground and think they did everything right, they missed something.  The pilot who lives to see tomorrow knows of his mistakes and can correct them before he gets into trouble.  Now go learn to fly!

Spencer Sir, look at where we are today and FSX is a great learning tool around the world for those learning how to fly and I'll tell ya if you can fly the sim you can fly the real deal, ah I proved that!

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