Friday, July 5, 2013


Well here is this month ride with former Fidockave213 and has launched a new channel SEVENTHVAIL213.  Hmm, wonder if all of this is like an RPM gauge and we're at the limiter on the Red Line.  In the video a news anchor mentions of Germany floods as being a 500-year event, now that's huge!  Not only are many countries under water but the cost in all of this is going over our heads, we're already under water financially thanks to the Banksters and governments will have to print more money going on the backs of taxpayers to restore ravaged towns and communities.

You're also witnessing massive protest around the world in record numbers at a point where the order will fail, too many folks to control, ah 2 million people at one-time assembling is a hell of a crowd and if you start beating on them, well here comes a war that the warmongers will be afraid of.

As the planet continues to change we're changing right along with it and everywhere you turn a can off whoop ass is being popped.  This is history unfolding at the four corners of the globe and you have a front row seat. 


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