Sunday, August 18, 2013

Testing Zoom Q2HD with The Rage

 OK here's the Zoom Q2HD, how it records video and sound. The intro is a layered recording of moonlight and nature's sound outside at night.  The video is grainy on night shoots and on zoom.  But what you do get from the Zoom Q2HD is fair video and good recording sound.  To prove this here is some recording segments of The Rage during practice. Live, no studio just as you hear it.

The camera is set in front of the band, the center of the PA so sorry about the post in the film but was more interested in the mic position then the view.  The mic has a range setting out to 150 degrees, this was selected for the recording. Bit rate 192 kbps was selected, 256 kbps is also available, going to have to try that setting!

The film was stretched, edited to AVI and uploaded at MP4. The Zoom Q2HD records in MOV format, the video setting was 720p and file size of one of the takes was 408 MB at 4:01 recording time, that's a large file. 

The jerking in the camera angel was my fault in the last clip, as I had the tripod adjustment too tight, (camera is very light) Human error!  So for $200, not a bad little video camera for the money if you're on a budget and not only that but helps you to hear how you sound, which there's always room for improvement.
The Rage Chicago

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 The Rage Chicago

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