Friday, September 20, 2013

BLT in Dier Straits- What?

BLT at Noah's Ark
 Well like Glen James, this will touch your heart and make ya feel good about being a humane human Pod.  The Mayans' were right we're changing by the minute. Not a lot of time remaining for these three but just maybe the Big Bad Wolf can be held off because the money is at 40% of the goal, the idea of the fence to be raised is to protect the humans from wild animals.  It's more like who's going to protect the animals from wild humans, ah that's where we come in!  

As cubs, a Bear, Lion and Tiger (BLT) had been owned by a drug dealer who did not properly care for them. The bear’s harness grew into his skin because the owner did not alter it as the animal grew.  They had been abused and neglected early in life but were finally rescued.  The bear's harness was surgically removed. They had been taken in by Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia an institution that runs solely on donations.  The staff initially tried to separate them due to obvious concerns that the three large predators would fight. During the trial of separation, the animals were uncooperative and behaved poorly.  Once reunited, the three calmed down and were well behaved.  Twelve years later, the three friends spend their days playing, cuddling, and eating together.  While the sanctuary would prefer to leave them together, new federal regulations on fence height are threatening to separate them.  It will cost nearly half a million dollars to update the facility and meet the October deadline.  A crowd-sourcing donation campaign is going until Sept 24 to allow BLT to remain together as a family.

The Mission 
Noah's Ark & Friends

To provide a home for injured, abused and orphaned animals. 

To provide awareness through our rehab/education programs that emphasize all living things have value no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. When we as a society can recognize this fact, we will begin to win the battles for conservation and preservation. 

To provide unconditional love and care for animals who have special needs in their lives whether mental, physical or emotional.

Keep The Boat Afloat for BLT & Friends (Fund Raiser, Raise the Fence)

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  Raise The Fence

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