Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Extreme Weather events with SEVENTHVIAL213

 Do you believe in God?  If not, what in science name is going on?  Now with the internet, you can search for anything happening around the globe.  Maybe this is the reason, within minutes the news travels worldwide, back in the day of the pony express the news was limited to the next town over.  Now we hear of Down Under in seconds.  Well, Pod things are shaking loose and corruption is the worst it has ever been, where just about ever country hates America.  Not only that but have you read any of the suggestions at The White House YouTube discussion page?  Link out there the post under this.  It's despicable,  there was a time one would use dignity and utmost respect when contacting The White House. (too much hate but they did this to themselves)

In less than a lifetime, the world population has tripled, to 7.1 billion, and continues to climb by more than 1.5 million people a week!  In May by scientists at Stanford University and signed by more than 1,000 scientists warned that "Earth is reaching a tipping point."  An array of events already underway including what scientists have identified as the sixth mass extinction in the earth's 540 million year history suggests that human activity already exceeds earth's capacity.  "The combination of climate change and 9 billion people to me is one that is just fraught with potential catastrophes," said John Harte, a UC Berkeley ecosystem scientist.

It sure seems as though the Book of Revelations is being read to us in picture perfect format, I can't remember hearing of all this news of weather, corruption, civil unrest, mass animal kill off and now nations rising against nations.  Time to keep your head straight just might be that the meek will inherit the earth. Wow, that statement alone would piss many people off.  See what I mean, we're really touchy.  Hang in there, I think it's time for a bunker!   Many have bought WWII bunkers in Germany and now missile sites with acreage are available.

Missile Base Properties   




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