Saturday, October 5, 2013

FIDOCKAVE213 Sept Report

September 2013 was indeed a turbulent month for weather around the world, the massive flooding going on is of biblical times, just amazing the devastation and cost of lives.  We are getting our feet wet and the downfall of rain in just hours added up to a half a year, how is that possible? On Sept. 13, 14.62 inches of rain fell in Boulder, monsoon moisture flowing into Colorado from the south spawned the rain and thunderstorms that inundated the state. Unusually heavy rain falls across the region, narrow canyons and steep mountains help funnel raging torrents of water, back in 1976 the worst flood recorded killed 144 people in a flash flood known as "Big Thompson", Boulder Colorado is no stranger to flash floods but just the same many say it's the worst they ever seen.

Mud Island off Gwadar Pakistan
The most spectacular are the Mud island that popped up off the coast of Gwadar Pakistan, mud volcanoes burble up during earthquakes because the shaking releases mud and water that are trapped beneath barriers in seafloor sediments. Scientists are still far from consensus, but many think that Pakistan's newest piece of land may be a mud volcano.

Whatever of any of this, the vids from Fidockave213 and backup channel Seventhvial213 will get you thinking and concerned about Earth and quite possibly our existence. 



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