Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nov 2013 in the Record Books

Midwest tornado outbreak

Extreme weather events are off the charts when it came to November 2013.  From flash flooding to high and low temperatures, typhoons and tornado outbreaks, November was a monster around the world.  Nov. 7th Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines was the deadliest weather disaster on record and winds recorded in a "super typhoon" gusting up to 235mph.  Nov. 11th Tropical Cyclone 3A slams Somalia, widespread flooding.  Nov. 17th tornado outbreak in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan rips through the Midwest, 65 tornadoes touched down with one EF-4 that devastated Washington Illinois.  Nov. 18-19 Europe gets torrential rain on the island of Sardinia where 18.39 inches of rain fell in just 24 hours.

This kicks off in late Oct. and we move into Nov. What the Hell is Going On?      


November Continued


Signs of change, introducing HawkkeyDavisChannel.  "This series does not mean the world is ending!  These are documentaries of series of extreme weather events that are leading to bigger earth changes.  If you are following the series, then you are seeing the signs."


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