Saturday, February 15, 2014

Global Awakening

NSA Operations Center, Hey that's our tax dollars homes!
 Seems the good citizens of America are dusting off the old scroll of the Constitution and arming themselves with the foundation of its writings.  We The People are the Boss, under us is our Statesmen, under them, is The Federal Government and under the Feds is The Supreme Court, not the other way around. Too many officials have been undermining the Constitution and trying to turn this around where they're on top.  The Amendments have been violated at an alarming rate where their reign of power is about to be booted out the door and some housekeeping is going to follow with Nullification of much paperwork. 

Rand Paul and FreedomWorks Inc. is suing President Obama and part of his administration along with the NSA for violating the 4th Amendment. (review the complaint) This was only a matter of time before all this national security crap being shoved down the throats of Americans' has gone too far!  

Sign the petition now at constitution defense fund and make this viral! 

Video uploaded by U Tube user FreedomWorksAction


More of Gabriel's Army 

We're going Off The Grid 

Host of the Adam Vs. The Man podcast, Marine Corp veteran, and former Congressional candidate, Adam Kokesh is Off The Grid to tell the Governor about his time in Fallujah, his recent arrest outside the White House, and why he's running for President on a platform of the peaceful dissolution of the U.S. Government.  Do you think our government has run its course? 

Adam Kokesh 

 Video uploaded by U Tube user Jesse Ventura


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