Sunday, February 9, 2014

Polar Vortex the North's Cyclone

Globe Backyard Polar Vortex
 This bugger of a weather is not only freezing the states but flooding and pounding the coast of Britain, heavy weather is whip up all around the globe.  Polar vortices are weaker during summer and strongest during winter.  Individual vortices can persist for more than a month.  Extratropical cyclones that occlude and migrate into higher latitudes create cold-core lows within the polar vortex.  Volcanic eruptions in the tropics lead to a stronger polar vortex during the winter for as long as two years afterward.  Bone cold and wet along with hot and dry extremes, some states are low on water while others have no Propane coupled with higher heating oil.  The Polar vortex is getting a white flag from the inhabitants.  

From HawkkeyDavisChannel:

 2014 has started with a bang, literally!  With a surge of loud booms being heard and felt throughout much of north America.  But then again, didn't the last few years start like this?  This video includes strange and extreme weather events for most of the month of January and it's not looking good for a few heavily populated areas. 

Goddard Polar Vortex



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