Monday, February 3, 2014

The Felix- New HD Imaging

The Felix GoPro

Brand spanking new and positively breathtaking video shows Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner's record-setting jump from a pulse-raising point of view, lasting eight minutes and captured by body mounted GoPro cameras, shows exactly what Baumgartner saw when he broke the speed of sound while in free-fall. (this is frickin awesome!) The video includes the footage of an uncontrollable spin that the ‘space diver’ experienced after jumping from a balloon about 39km (24.2 miles) above Earth, sending the viewer into vertigo.

Felix: “In that situation, when you spin around, it's like hell and you don't know if you can get out of that spin or not. Of course it was terrifying. I was fighting all the way down because I knew that there must be a moment where I can handle it,” 

Earth's Atmosphere, yellow line is temp variation

Earth's atmosphere is about 300 miles (480 km) thick, Felix Baumgartner and Colonel Joe Kittinger are the only two humans on earth to free-fall from the upper layer of the Stratosphere:  The stratosphere is characterized by a slight temperature increase with altitude and the absence of clouds.  The stratosphere extends between 11 and 31 miles (17 to 50 kilometers) above the earth's surface.

Felix is the first human to break the speed of sound by reaching a total speed of 833.9 mph, or mach 1.24.   That's hauling the mail! 

Now this, is Epic!



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