Friday, March 14, 2014

Signs of Change


From HawkkeyDavisChannel:

 Recent storms worldwide have been destroying records with an onslaught of precipitation leading to more 100-year events which devastated populated areas. This video includes rare, strange and extreme weather that had taken place over the last month or so and it's not getting any better since my last upload, it only worsen! 

This series does not mean the world is ending! These are documentaries of series of extreme weather events that are leading to bigger earth changes. If you are following the series, then you are seeing the signs. So much more has happen than this video shows, it was getting way too long from all the extremes. This video does not include the numerous record highs/lows temps and sinkholes around the world. I also couldn't find any footage of the meteor exploding over Argentina. Thanks for sharing this video and watching! Stay safe everyone! 

Some comments on the vid: 

Dawson Davis:  Wales Uk here. Notice some weird behavior with the wind over the last 10 months . When we have a storm (like the one last month) it gails as expected. However, the rest of the time its just not there. Barley even a breeze most days. There doesn't seem to be much happening between nothing and gail force. And in both cases the wind doesn't seem to want to pic a direction. Its odd. 

davidstubeshow:  Weather Warfare what else can you say. America and other countries have been using weather and food as warfare since the early 60's. 

Rodd Wayne:  Great compilation! Keep in mind these events are cyclical, the fact that they are happening in such rapid succession is alarming! 

Electrical Universal:  meanwhile in Canada we have gotten the most snow I have seen in at least 10 years, also by far the coldest I have seen (Midwest) welcome to the new ice age :) brought to by gran minimum. enjoy.

Leandro Cabrera:  You think this is bad wait until the summer. 

Dano Pierce:  This is the worse winter over all that I can remember. Here is Chicago, it has made travel and parking a nightmare some days. We still have cooler temps and about 2 feet of snow yet to melt. We have had bad storms in the past but I don't recall this much snow and cold for so long. We have been feeding the birds and took in a feral stray cat that needed shelter from the relentless cold and snow. 

Nathan Aqui Y Alla.:  Just listen to all the peoples comments on here how each one gives a personal account of how true this vid is. Me too; Here in Boise Id. Never ever ever seen a winter like this. 

Some weather events from Feb, 2014 

 Video uploaded by U Tube user HawkkeyDavisChannel


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