Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to Back- Fiodockave213 and HawkkeyDavis

This is the blockbuster of end times, Fiodockave213 rolls the headline news with the fear factor of end times and HawkkeyDavis post what weather is ripping apart different parts of society around the world.  I have to say this months post from these two are off the charts, between the wars going on and extreme weather events many inhabitants have already experienced end time, may they R.I.P.  Much of this is unnecessary due to man's ideology (idiot thinking) and his war machine.  

In this first half the war machine is rolling on, so many people being displaced from their homes and now refugees of war.  Too many militant wars going on around the globe and as these fighting groups (insurgence) emerged, it's design to spark a world war.  This all stems from 911 and slowly consuming the world into war, but do take note of tactics being used and false flag operations along with propaganda to push this outbreak forward.  In the US we have Ferguson Missouri Protest, where many have spoken that outsiders are coming in adding hell and provoking more violence, sound familiar?  That's right Ukraine and others, same old dog and pony show wherever you go, the Oligarchs sleight of hand.    

Now in this clip Fidockave213 warns of disturbing images, (the man is just reporting the news) many have already pointed out that much of the imagery was Photoshop and staged. (judge for yourself)               

fidockave213 (also SENETHVAIL213, video was removed from his channel)


Weather Outbreak

The Monsoon season has struck and you just might need an Ark.  Heavy rains, tornadoes, damaging hail, earthquakes, sink holes and forest fires are just some of the effects the planet is throwing at the inhabitants.

War mongering along with historic weather events seems to be two, no three (Ebola outbreak) war fronts, we're in trouble.   



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