Wednesday, July 8, 2015

China's Cyclone Weather and Finance

Back to back Cyclones to hit China
The Asian market is getting pounded, down over 2100 pts at one time during trading on the Hang Sang and that's not all!  A Tropical Storm is over Hong Kong and next in line is two Cyclones to hit the mainland, I mean back to back!  Talk about a pounding!  Seems that the QE for China is not working and while all eyes are on Greece, well guess we missed the weather report.

MarketWatch has a good report on why China is failing:  A series of measures have been implemented to shore up investor confidence, but critics say they are inconsistent and prove that policymakers lost their bearings.  Dow futures down 200 pts, it's stormy alright.

The snapshot above is from intellicast an interactive world weather map when I came across these monsters headed for China!  You can go out to Cyclocane for tracking and Hong Kong Observatory for landfall points. 

Things are shaking loose Mate check the Globe Backyard tabs (with frequent updates) before it's news, that's how I found this!  Kinda like your tool box on "What's Up Doc?"     

Kurt Boehme


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