Monday, August 24, 2015

Earth more than You

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This clip is a little reminder where we get all our stuff from, mother Earth. The greatest sponsor of the human race where we take all access of resources and create our markets. Speaking of which is cratering around the world as this is being posted. With all the derivatives on oil futures looks as if all have expired during the peak of 2011 @ $114 when fracking took off.  China's slow down and devaluation of currency has also pulled in all around it but Eastern Imperialism has never been stronger against the West. The constant struggle for power and control, hey what a minute has anyone tallied what we owe the Earth?  Be that as it may, she'll have more than you, including time to reclaim stored piles of nuts scattered over the four corners.  

"If central banks purchase stocks in order to support equity prices, what is the point of having a stock market? The central bank’s ability to create money to support stock prices negates the price discovery function of the stock market."

- Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

In the meantime, QE is pumping back into the markets, (10:30 PM CTS) China's Hang Seng is up 306 pts tonight along with Japan's Nikkei up 200 pts.  Dow futures up 343 pts, lot of printed money out there to keep it rolling and interest-free (corps buy back stocks) but at some point will be a fee like oil derivatives tanked. Market manipulation has created many shock waves but has also allowed for reform in the legitimacy of true growth from the core, in market performance.  This will be a new frontier in market focus in many shapes and sizes.      

Today we're lucky, Earth observation is gathering information about planet Earth's physical, chemical and biological systems via remote sensing technologies supplemented by earth surveying techniques, encompassing the collection, analysis and presentation of data.  A new science 'The Balance' we're in this together which brings more value, unlike false market bubbles. 


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