Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mother Nature Just Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Mother Nature endorses 'A Future to Believe In'

A Sparrow flew on the podium on top of the slogan 'A Future to Believe In' at the Bernie Sanders rally in Portland held at the Moda Center.  Never in my life can I think of a time where nature took part in a political rally.  But sure enough, this little Sparrow along with its mate join Sanders and the crowd loved every second of it.  It would seem that Mother Nature herself has endorsed Sanders, which no campaign marketing could create.  Might have to increase the size of polling stations this year for the animals might be in line outside the door and with that other candidates might watch their back for Lions and Tigers could turn you into clawed balls and\or shredded ass.

The comment section on this vid is standing with nature, once again this is history and wouldn't be amassing that a Sparrow turned the tide of a US presidency.  However you feel about Sanders it seems that Mother knows best and flew down next to his side, money can't buy that, it's just 'Nature's Way.'     

The Oregonian


Nature's Way 

From Rodrigo y Gabriela:  

I met Øystein Greni, front-man of one of the biggest and most influential Norwegian bands of the last 10 years Bigbang.  He introduced me to a song called Natures Way from an American band from the 60's called Spirit and I thought it was a great song!  Right then we decided to record it without having any plans to release it in any way shape or form.  A few days later we met at a studio in Oslo, and after the success of the session we decided to give it a serious try. 

Rodrigo y Gabriela


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