Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Saudi Arabia Taxi- Suicide Bomber Prank

OK, you jump in a cab in Saudi Arabia and the taxi driver says he's wearing a suicide belt and we're going to bomb a building. You will be with me, so is Allah's will.  You would probably struggle and pleading to the driver let me go!
The driver replays you will be with me a martyr, it's Allah's will.  We'll be in seventh heaven!

The video production crew in Saudi Arabia is being blasted for their controversial prank. Producers have said the video was made for awareness of dangers in extremist ideas. Originally uploaded to the Saudi YouTube channel Tube Up, the video has been taken down. Saudis' are blasting for the production company to be punished. Saudi Arabia a country known for its harsh methods of law enforcement can conclude how a funny prank could go wrong.  In the mean time, this would scare anyone riding along with a suicide bomber explaining, you will be with me! 

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