Friday, August 5, 2016

'Crumbs from Cookies'

Let me think, if I give you crumbs from this cookie, it will get me more cookies?

Sharing with the world, something is going to happen, something wonderful. Affiliated marketing is changing the landscape of advertising, from tracking cookies a person can become a sales rep of many companies today and Amazon is leading the way with their new Associated Program.  Another pioneer of affiliated programs was GoDaddy and has done well.  What better marketing to have when your customer become sale reps and happy to come on-board when commissions range from 10 to 15% of the sale. Yet another fine example has been Google, with their Analytics Solutions.  A web site owner and\or blogger has a chance to earn extra money for being a publisher, that works.  The human race is not done evolving because we're exploring a new science, "the balance we're in this together" which will bring more value and one value will be 'Crumbs from Cookies'.

When you're in business for yourself a net profit margin after all expenses is in the 10 to 12 percent range on advertising, so in turn your advertising campaign just exploded, with bringing in affiliates to run your sales, more bang from the same buck. Many companies will be looking at this with one thought, why didn't we do this before?  Well the main slow down is tracking cookies, many people don't want to be tracked.  We activate Ad Blocker, erase tracking cookies from our web browsing by running Spyware because it's annoying as hell! One person can end up with a 1000 tracking cookies in just one week. The saying goes, if you use it for free you're the product.  So it's time the product got paid like anything else in economics that moves products.  'Crumbs from Cookies', (you read it here) meaning money from a sale from tracking, will switch a persons attitude.  I mean would you rather have a coupon or a check?  Most individuals go for the check, cash is king.  This is Groupon in reverse, any company can get vested in this by working with Google Analytics and checkout ClickMeter, the two together are a great combination for today's tracking cookies for affiliate programs.  Anyone can participate in the programs, you don't need a web site any social media platform tracks cookies. 

There's more to this than just money.  As affiliate programs grow, the public can take watch as always to the behavior of the most popular affiliate programs, I mean who do you want to be associated with?  This is the legitimacy of our moral morale.  I always had a theory on Wall Street, if you want easy money and don't have a conscience invest in evil, for instance when fracking hit the market the play was huge but consumes and destroys the ground water. War, the military complex always has good profit potential but humans are displaced, become refuges, people killed, villages and countries destroyed.  Pharmaceuticals, well the world is over medicated and with opioids being introduced in pill form you've just become a junkie!  I'm sure you have many examples of your own and while we're at it, we're all tired of the Betty Crocker Cook Books that's running accounting practices of many companies showing gains but no true growth.  We're in an environment where a savings account is better under a mattress instead of a bank.  Society will not exist on negative interest rates. You're not going to buy a bond with a negative yield, there's no money in it!  'Crumbs from Cookies' will earn you more.  That's true growth and value in the market place today. 

Economics just became smarter not harder; cookies are important.

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