Monday, September 5, 2016

Jacob Rueda - The Perspective Essays

The Book
For Jacob Rueda life here is all the same for us, the stepping-stones and projects you're involved with, how did you get here and what you’re supporting. Working on the condition, our involvement in such projects changing outcomes that might have gone wrong if not for concern and caring, your support at home (remember Earth is Home) and the workplace. Part of the Globe here is the 'Writers Guild' which you’ll find The Perspective Essays, (Jacob) who has dived into working on the condition, life is not only human but an experience of mind or control that encompasses societies, the conditioning.

An explanation of this new book, Jacob: 
"Encompassing a wide range of topics, this book discusses issues and perspectives relevant to today’s time and manner of thinking. With a philosophical approach, the book attempts to break down the process of thinking and analyzes the regard for certain commonly held viewpoints. Likewise, it offers perspectives to situations in the interest of providing an alternate regard for them and awareness to possibilities outside the standardized norm".

Jacob has been collaborating with me for many years on many subjects and became close friends.  From the first time reading one of his articles it struck me that this man doesn't complain or moan about the drama in our society but offers tools for a fix that can adjust our course sensibly.

Enjoy the book
This video is an introduction to a new series of audio presentations based on Jacob's book, The Perspective Essays. 

Introduction to The Perspective Essays. from Perspective Think on Vimeo


“By rejecting an idea, rejecting parts of it, or accepting all of it, it is not so much of lining things up as “right” or “wrong” but understanding the degree of acceptance to a possibility.”

Jacob Rueda

PERSPECTIVES (Go for a Spin)

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