Thursday, November 10, 2016

Protest on Tour Inc.

June of 2016, a film came out of Texas, during a Trump rally,  Anti-Trump protesters were bused into the area, as reported by an officer in the street helping with the crowd.  The officers narrative starts @ 0:58 time-stamp.

Protest Inc. on Tour

Nov. 9th, 2016, Anti-Trump protesters in Austin today, are not as organic as they seem. Here are the buses they came in, photo by erictucker.

Brand new fleet of buses on tour trying to bailout the effort of turning America upside down, kinda like QE money.  Big Show in Town, nice fleet.  The problem with creating a show on tour, you're noticeable.  This happened in Chicago, on March 11, 2016, a protest in Chicago resulted in the cancellation of the Trump Rally event being held there after hundreds of protesters entered the arena.  The thing about this event, all of Chicago wasn't on the streets, many are on The Midway enjoying the show, Bozo's Circus (Power  Monopoly) has lost its leadership and any respect from The American People.  Panic mode sets in, Anti-Anything Show rolls into town.

This theme was created in Ferguson, where even the locals said, the ones creating all the damage were outsiders. Some even looked like they just got off a boat.  This is why these types of shows fail, you're not part of the community. Parking is hard to find and the camo is good but like duck decoys on a river, the locals know who's spread, the decoys belong to.

Comment off an RT thread about the recent Anti-Trump protest: "Nothing more entertaining than watching the devastated MSM and democrats freaking out over Trump victory."   

Create a Show

Anti-Trump Protesters Bused into Austin Texas, and who says this is not a Psyop? Americans must refrain from going out to the streets. do not be a part of these riots.

Steven DeNoon of Israeli News, brings a true foresight from a world of propaganda, psyop and false flag operations. Today's report: Protest on Tour Inc.

Israeli News Live 

Trump Protesters by Deon Alexander 

Modern day man Deon Alexander, presents his epic take-down of the cry baby hypocrite liberals who in, his words, should find another country. This really must go viral. I salute you, Deon Alexander, my fellow American.

From: Tom Joad

Update: 11/14/16 

The father of the Dallas police officer who was killed by a lone gunman during a Black Lives Matter protest is suing the organization’s activists and George Soros for $550 million. In a separate suit a Baton Rouge police officer is suing for injuries sustained during a BLM protest.

Protest Inc. being sued 'there goes the Bus Driver'

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