Saturday, December 17, 2016

Downtown Shootout in Grozny Russia

Downtown Grozny Russia

Not far from the Chechen capital’s high-rise an intense standoff between police and militant gunmen (Islamic State cell) occurred when the suspect assaulted and stole the office's car. The thugs which there was four sought-after another officer in his own home!  Well, the standoff didn't go well for the gunmen after the cops cleared the streets and lit the car up with an AKM?, as seen in the vid from a bystander in the streets, as 7 were killed at the scene, 4 were arrested of which 3 were taken to the hospital.  No civilians were injured but one officer was injured from being run over during the chase before the officers rain bullets down on them.  From updated reports 3 officers have been killed.

That AKM made short work of a situation, keeping downtown safe and the men who uphold law and order.  Also hats off to Ashab Sadulayeva who filmed the shootout, I like the tune you picked for this showdown as that officer emptied the clip on that AKM, yeah, BAD!  

Асхаб садулаев

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