Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Spoofing Securities Trade

10/01/03 @ 10,500 - 11/01/03 @ 26,900 launched like a Saturn 5 rocket

The Matrix makeup of today's wannabe Quantum Physics Economics, where we see the present but the past already occurred.  When the banks started to separate good banks from toxic loans and creating new IPOs, this transfer of bad bank to good bank began.  BMPS was the example of how the winding down of toxic loans are going to take place.

Spanish stock market regulator CNMV bans short sales, this measure was taken after considering the recent stock performance of Liberbank in the aftermath of Banco Popular’s rescue by the Single Resolution Board.  The money changers are in panic mode.  The only money going into these failed banks is the bailout, next is the bail-In, your money in retirement accounts and savings is the only real money on this Monopoly Board, the banks fear contagion. (run) 

Market manipulation (spoofing) is what should be banned.  How is it a free market if you ban a move, shorting the market has always been a profitable play but today it's destroying banks.  The regulators can throw a flag on their own play, it's like George Carlin said, "It's a Big Club and you ain't in it".

We're also seeing the purge of these toxic securities, (bad bank) Banco Popular took major losses after the bank was put into resolution and acquired by Santander for just €1, regulators could not figure out the value of the bank.  In that instance, losses were not imposed through coupon cancellation prior to write-down. (quantum economics, seeing the present is already the past, a disaster had already occurred)

Continuing with the purge:
German lender Bremer Landesbank decided to cancel, the next interest payment date, all payment of interest on the AT1 Notes. The bonds fell sharply, from nonperforming shipping loans (the Baltic Indices are not sailing well) that would require either a bailout by a bank or a state rescue. If one owns coupons of the AT1, no money for you, moved off the table.

Infinite market:
The printed money can achieve escape velocity from crash news and also shorting metals at the same time with other markets of paper.  But instead of being amazed, we find a hole to enter the market on what the QE money is shorting.  Once the pressure is released from securities being driven down a value will occur.  LONG - on commodities, the real value, pick one. (resource materials of Earth)

Create fund managers that do not trade in manipulated market paper.  This would tear a hole that would create a vacuum back to true growth and dry up toxic paper in the market. The flight to equity is what's real.

Reset coming from "Holy Grail Inflation".


Good News on Cryptocurrency and Gold 

June 10, 2017

Ethereum hit $350 on - and a new report from Andrew Maguire via King World News suggests a momentous event in the gold market, ah the banks were caught shorting (spoofing) the metals.


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