Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Game Changed

Reflecting on a quote from former Sen Alan Simpson. "These guys are purest and the thing that has destroyed their party through the decades of my existence is that they give each other the saliva test of purity, then they lose and bitch for four years wondering how they lost."   Russian Ruble @ 49.8120, the 52 week high @ 78.5784, the 52 week low @ 33.2940. 

That quote fr. Uncle Al sums up Western Imperialism as it's losing allies, military bases are being asked to leave, financial restructuring and many countries are coming aboard China's Investment Bank which 52 are now partners.  Also many countries are dropping assets, bonds of Europe and the U.S. The West was asking many countries not to team up with China, well fellas it's over and why is this happening to the purest? (a homogeneous or uniform composition)  One good reason is no one likes you, through out the centuries you had it your way twisting arms of other countries, destabilization, sanctions, (owned banks) insurgents to topple government in order to create war and lastly to steal territory and resources.  The game changed when the West sold too many lies and cheated, the financial fiasco will always be a reminder just like 911.

HSBC chief executive Stuart Gulliver along with Group Chairman Douglas Flint apologies to MPs on the Treasury Select Committee for "unacceptable" practices at the bank's Swiss subsidiary.  Douglas Flint was one of the key speakers at the 2015 Economic Forum in Davos, alrighty then.

The Telegraph


Test of Purity

Now I know you're going to laugh but it works, when we go reading articles of such scenarios as here and one forgets to give the public any tools for a fix to help stable in what is wrong; here on The Ship we expose such tools.  The whole thing is out of whack like an unstable nuclide but in nature this nuclide will stable in time as to the half life of a radioactive isotope.  To speed this process up one needs to remove an element, in this case it would be lying.  So at social functions, fund raising, dinner parties and group meeting let a fine truth serum be introduced, even if you know it's purpose it will not aid to ones lie.  This serum is iced Jägermeister a German digestif made of 56 herbs and spices at a strength of only 35% alcohol by volume.  After 8, 10 shots I don't care who you are (I think it's the herbs) the dam is going to bust, you think I'm kidding?  Try it, it will make a believer out of ya, one way to get back on a True North course is knowing the lies, bottoms up Mates! 

About consumption: "drink responsibly, bring Kleenex, the truth hurts." 


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Heads of State Gone Wild!

"Seriously" You did WHAT?    
Today I would like to introduce a new word (fr. rightwiththeship) to our vocabulary, "Selfinism." (a continuing practice of self centeredness) Some of its themes include the identification and validation of egoism as a rational code of ethics, an Ayn Ryan course.  By the looks of the Founding Fathers on Mount Rushmore, we got a case of the willagers. Bottom line, money has corrupted every fiber of society where the pillars of U.S. have been transformed into "Thing" fr. The Adams Family!  The foundation today is that politics around the globe have been homogenized (fat droplets are emulsified and the cream does not separate) with money, those fat droplets one craves and once quenched, one will hardly stray from the flowing $cream$. Yes sir, bought and sold with little regard to the public and\or environment a chain linked to self gain and rise within the gate keepers' flowing cash. The moral collapse of the U.S. government is a prime example of selfinism, just look at all the lobbyists (it's a frickin Army) from many corporations writing legislation, this is the pigeon feed for heads of state at the park and not to undermine the group this is an exclusive club but once again members only. They dish it out and we have to take it, dagnabbit did that get turned around, the U.S. was founded as a Constitutional Republic.  Well that's hard to swallow anymore, kindly read this I have to go get a drink.

Let's have a read fr. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.  His take on Whatever Became of Economists and the American economy. "Globalism, like neoliberal economics, is an instrument of economic imperialism. Labor is exploited, while peoples, cultures, and environments are destroyed. Yet the propaganda is so powerful that people partake of their own destruction."


Ben sings I Won't Back Down then meets his demise as he takes on Dag and his pack of coyotes as they try to raid the hen house.

"Put the Hen down Dag"


Speaking of Destruction

OK let's rap our heads around the heads of state, corporations and banks in the creation of the Monopoly Board.  Many scenarios, "oh let me pick one."

Fr. Wikipedia:
A team led by Glenn T. Seaborg and Edwin McMillan at the University of California, Berkeley, FIRST synthesized plutonium in 1940 by bombarding uranium-238 with deuterons. Plutonium is the heaviest primordial element by virtue of its most stable isotope, plutonium-244, whose half-life of about 80 million years is just long enough for the element to be found in trace quantities in nature. Plutonium is mostly a byproduct of nuclear reactions, where some of the neutrons released by the fission process convert uranium-238 nuclei into plutonium. (end Wiki)

Plutonium is the rarest element (Pu) man has ever created and with that comes the rarest elements nature creates during the consumption of a Red Dwarf Star, 90 elements of the periodic table are created naturally during a Super Nova, I don't mean that sweet Chevy but the mother of a black hole.  From this star imploding, some of the rarest elements created are Uranium (U) and Gold. (Au) 

Holy mother, there's a lot we have in common with the universe. (the balance) From there Francium (Fr) is the heaviest alkali and the least stable of the first 103 elements on the periodic table. Less than 30 grams of it exists on the Earth (wonder what that bide would be$) at any one time, in uranium deposits.  Holy shit! who let the Fox in the Hen house professor?  Hey!  Ukraine has 1.6% in world uranium production and weighed in @ 922 tonnes (metric tons) 2013, in 2011, two thousand and ten tonnes were mined.  Do I hear Cha-Ching $, now who would possibly want that?  The Oligarchs and that's where many first experienced that noun and it's possessive structure, the news coming out of Ukraine, the so called civil war, right?

Plutonium isotopes are expensive and inconvenient to separate, so particular isotopes are usually manufactured in specialized reactors. Plutonium is mostly a byproduct of nuclear reactions, where some of the neutrons released by the fission process convert uranium-238 nuclei into plutonium. The longer a nuclear fuel element remains in a nuclear reactor the greater the relative percentage of Pu-240 in the fuel becomes. The percentage of plutonium-240 determines its grade: weapons-grade, fuel-grade, or reactor-grade. Note weapons grade is fist pick, Oh mother of God, used in small arms, tank shells and\or artillery will genocide an area for thousands of years depending on the grade level. Most extreme is 160 million years.  What would create such hatred?  ah, the sick mind compelled to the continuing flow of $cream$ giving much life to "selfinism." 

Alrighty then, uranium is a big cash cow if your a member and\or naysayer in the realm of science in hiding the utter destruction of the environment from the waste, wars, testing and accidents.  Something to be concerned about, the planets population is @ 7 billion. Studies find 4% of the population are psychopaths that number is 280 million.  Now from that 1% are in charge, meaning government, corporations, flowing robes and any Highchair in the kitchen leaves us with 2,800,000 'Yosemite Sams' of Ayn Ryan University.


Now what about that damn Fear Mongering

Well that does help the Economy, monetarily speaking.

You could spend a lifetime on this subject but let's fast forward to today.  ISIS, OK my first question for an Army is it's build, a column of Toyota trucks heading to your home ground to do battle.  Now some say the trucks were manufactured in the U.S. after the bankruptcy of GM, GM ended its joint venture with Toyota. Toyota, needing additional production volume at its Texas and Mississippi plants, ended Corolla and Tacoma production at the Fremont plant. In 2010 all Tacoma production was moved to Toyota's Texas plant in San Antonio. The Tacoma will be built alongside the Tundra. This brought a total of approximately 1,000 new jobs to San Antonio.  U.S. IS IS?

Most people think that individual Saudis, Kuwaitis and Qataris, (man that's some big coin) and from the Gulf, with a wink and nod from the Kingdom, have been funding and supplying them for years.  

An Army needs logistics and Toyota  (Built for action) has those logistics, ya know a country could self implode like a Red Dwarf Star as to pointing many fingers, steering up propaganda, placement of insurgents, configuring war map claims of lines, lies and reason towards destabilization and sanctions will cause tempers to fly.  This will only end in further dispute with corporations and other nations (Iceland announces dropping bid to join EU "that just happened") but this is truly The Monopoly Board, a man made Matrix of "selfinism."

The good People of the world have had enough already. In order to usefully interpret the realm of common, shared experience and history, we must each make certain "over-beliefs" in things which, while they cannot be proven on the basis of experience but helps us to live fuller and better lives.  That's theory and theory seeks the truth in all things, for when we go thinking, it ends up as an Ideology, a idiot thinking.

"The responsibility of the rest of us is clear. It is to identify and expose the reckless lies of warmongers." Paul Craig Roberts
So the show must go on, down that old dusty money trail of long ago on the backs of Mules. From there and will remain in question as to the Korean War, Kennedy, Vietnam War, 911, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Syrian War, Ukraine War (the fear mongering) and the continuing pocking fr. the West with NATO and EU at Russia?  ah that's the BRICS Nation now, creating central banking and regulators they're not alone anymore. Western Imperialism against Eastern Imperialism is the show when looking at the big picture and that's the heads of state of all countries. Ya need some help in understanding a new science, the balance, all things, we're in this together, Mars isn't that appealing.  

 "Tour around the deck Sir, this won't hurt a bit."  

Message fr. Hal, Sir




You OK Sir? Hal just picked this Up!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monster Snow Blowers

This will clear the way and shake off some cabin fever, monster snow blowers what else is going to throw some snow 50 to 100 yards to clear mountain passes on the rail roads, airports and rural highways but a powerful diesel engine with HP up to 2200, man that's some power and torque. The biggest of this class of snow blowers is the rotary snow plow, a piece of railroad snow fighting equipment. It is characterized by the large circular set of blades some 11 ft in length on its front end that rotate as a unit to cut through the deep snow on the track ahead. The precursor to the rotary snowplow was the wedge snowplow.

Fr Wikipedia:

The rotary was invented by Toronto, Ontario, Canada dentist J.W. Elliot in 1869. He never built a working model or prototype, although he wanted to. Orange Jull of Orangeville, Ontario, expanded on Elliot's design, building working models he tested with sand. During the winter of 1883–1884, Jull contracted with the Leslie Brothers of Toronto to build a full-size prototype that proved successful. Jull later sold his design rights to Leslie Brothers, who formed the Rotary Steam Shovel Manufacturing Company in Paterson, New Jersey. Leslie Brothers contracted with Cooke Locomotive & Machine Works in Paterson to do the actual construction. Another inventor is said to be Col. Lewis P. Campbell. He is listed in US patent 1848554. 

Today we have this beast, 1750 hp and that's just for the rotor!

Rotary Snowplow Survivors
 Video uploaded by U Tube user Largest Dams


Snow Wall! 

On this particular mission, the snow-blower's progress is hindered due to the considerable height of the snow wall. The snow-blower actually derailed a couple of times on this strip, which meant a heavy crane had to be brought in so that the train could be put back on tracks - a very difficult and costly operation. Filmed on the Romanian railways, during winter '12. 

Video uploaded by U Tube user HuseinMP


Monster Blower!

TV 2200 is the world's largest self-propelled snow blower. The machine has two engines with a total power output of more than 2200 Hp. Made in Norway this massive snow blower is made by Overaasen and it's like the Optimus Prime of snow blowers. These hard winters in the states keep up we'll see this monster on the East coast maybe next year, thanks for the blow Norway! 


Video uploaded by U Tube user goanor


Monday, February 9, 2015

Alternative Media

Read all about It!

The networks are crying, FCC is looking at this hard (I'd be careful that would be the last straw) and the truth is easier to come by thanks to hard working folks out there who have had enough.  Alternative Media is the largest growing network today and by the looks of things it's taking over the news in which we search. Main stream media have never had this much competition and for good reason, they lied!  Because the term "alternative" has connotations of self-marginalization, some media outlets now prefer the term "independent" over "alternative".  

Not only is independent reporting more entertaining but it's Joe's like you and me that have made news what society is really made of, time for the adult swim. Christopher Greene is the creator of Alternative Media Television.  AMTV "Hard-hitting and in your face!"

AMTV Media

Video uploaded by U Tube user AMTV


Become A Journalist

Digital technologies have also led to an alternative form of video more commonly known as citizen generated journalism.  Individuals and smaller groups have the potential to describe and make public their interpretations of the world. Video shot on camcorders, FLIP cameras, Desktop Producer and now cell phones have been utilized by the alternative media to go in the streets without the production crew as seen in main stream media, a one man army. 

"News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising." - Lord Northcliffe; as owner of the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror, he exercised vast influence over British popular opinion. That comes from "We Are Change" and it's that direction in which we're headed, our way highway and all you have to do is kindly Sub and by all means donate.

Fr  We Are Change:

We Are Change created a platform where aspiring journalists can achieve success and develop their careers without jumping through degrading corporate hoops.  If you do not want to waste 4 years of your life, learning outdated curriculum and end up in massive student debt this course is for you.  Our mission is to create a new generation of journalists, unafraid of institutionalized authority, unafraid to challenge the status quo and preconceived notions. Let’s promote honesty, open discussion, transparency, compassion, and critical thinking. 

OH YEAH since we are not corporate or government WHORES help us out.


Video uploaded by U Tube user WeAreChange


Corbett Report 

The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source. It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more. 

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. Do look into the show notes from each video podcast on You Tube in the discription. 

The Corbett Report

Video uploaded by U Tube user corbettreport


Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Nuclear Resolution- Neutralize it!

Neutron Interaction

With every action there is a reaction, that's science and how we're to understand our building blocks of the Periodic Table.

NDT Resource Center:  Nondestructive Testing

In most cases, elements like to have an equal number of protons and neutrons because this makes them the most stable.  Stable atoms have a binding energy that is strong enough to hold the protons and neutrons together. Even if an atom has an additional neutron or two it may remain stable.  However, an additional neutron or two may upset the binding energy and cause the atom to become unstable.  In an unstable atom, the nucleus changes by giving off a neutron to get back to a balanced state.  As the unstable nucleus changes, it gives off radiation and is said to be radioactive.  Radioactive isotopes are often called radioisotopes.

Also for some good study is Jefferson Lab, let's look at some of the properties of radiation and radioactive material.

Alright that's a great start to understanding the building blocks, kind of like class right and how elements work.  I mean this is how we create and how we can dismantle all elements through the use of electrolytic, heat, cold, gases, chemicals, other elements, etc and right down to atom smashing.  So man creates Plutonium through Uranium.  The nucleus of the U-235 atom comprises 92 protons and 143 neutrons (92 + 143 = 235). When the nucleus of a U-235 atom captures a moving neutron it splits in two (fission) and releases some energy in the form of heat, also two or three additional neutrons are thrown off.  If enough of these expelled neutrons cause the nuclei of other U-235 atoms to split, releasing further neutrons, a fission 'chain reaction' can be achieved.  When this happens over and over again, many millions of times, a very large amount of heat is produced from a relatively small amount of uranium. (end World Nuclear Association)

Nuclear- Neutralize it!

Now we get to the meat of this post, the toxic waste of nuclear fuel and what to do with it.  A wide variety of methods (some have been around 30 yrs already) will probably be required to accommodate the many different radioactive waste sources including high and low level, solids, liquids and gases. Process names used here are in some cases just convenient labels used to categorize and set them apart from each other.  Theories on several of these processes are still quite speculative and solid evidence that would pass conventional peer review is still lacking.  This is after all a very new field of science.  Some of these technologies are already well protected by international or national patents, with additional US and international patents pending, and further patents may be obtained on new developments as they are made. (end New Paradigm Digest) 

From Brian Fraser:  Adventures in Energy Destruction

The time is long overdue for America to find a new approach for solving the nation’s nuclear waste problem.  That is why I was joined by Senator John Ensign in proposing the creation of a Blue Ribbon Commission of experts to make credible, scientifically sound recommendations for a new approach to nuclear waste.  I am pleased that President Obama (Good job Sir) and Dr Steven Chu Secretary of Energy agree with this approach, and on March 3, 2010, announced the creation of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future.  (end Brian Fraser)

Alrighty then, we have some good news that came out Jan 26th 2012. The Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future released its final report to the U.S. Energy Secretary, detailing comprehensive recommendations for creating a safe, long-term solution for managing and disposing of the nation’s spent nuclear fuel and high‐level radioactive waste.

Since the inception of the commission we go to February 1, 2013, Chu announced his intent to resign.  Dr Ernest Moniz has replaced Chu and we'll see what unfolds, the public is involved and monitoring this on many levels very closely with their own money and Crowdfunding.  Hats off to the new public economy, "you alone with good cause."

In addition to his work at MIT, the White House and the Department of Energy, Dr. Moniz has served on a number of boards of directors and commissions involving science, energy and security. These include President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, the Department of Defense Threat Reduction Advisory Committee, and the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future.

Happy New Year Mate!

In Question 

Q&A with Jeremy Rifkin on nuclear power.  Wermuth Asset Management, 5th Annual Investors Event.

Question:  What would be your view on nuclear energy? 

Video uploaded by U Tube user Wermutham


On The Dangers of Nuclear Power

Holger Strohm, author of the critically acclaimed 1973 bestseller "quietly into disaster" (original: "Friedlich in die Katastrophe") talks with Werner Altnickel about the dangers of nuclear power as well as the mostly ignored technical aspects that make this form of energy so dangerous to humanity and planet Earth. Holger Strohm is the foremost expert in Germany when it comes to nuclear power and the dangers of fission. He has been studying this field for more than 50 years and has written several bestsellers on the subject. This conversation was recorded in April 2011 by the team of

Video uploaded by U Tube user Holger Strohm


Quietly into Disaster 

Holger Strohm's film by Marcin El


Video uploaded by U Tube user Holger Strohm


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Christmas to all things Earth

Martin Heck Timelapse Showreel 2013

Understanding the balance of all things will lead humanity to the Holy Grail and that's understanding all matter.  This in itself would be the greatest Christmas present to all humanity, with such science the need to hoard any item will not be necessary, kinda like a printing money machine but in the realm of balance all would share.  Not just for some, where the scrooge of Holiday fracture tears at beliefs and religion ideology, this is human conceit which keeps dividing us ever deeper from an elementary level that has been here since the beginning of time, a science yet to be revealed, "the balance".

The balance is one element supporting another, without that support the chain is broken and collapses,  just like a DNA strain move an element here take one from there and we have a person that's physically impaired or NFL quarterback. We can't ignore the building blocks of all life around us, nature does not even consider ideology, this is a human thing that sometimes ends with a Fukushima; idiot thinking.

So the Universe and Earth are our greatest teacher, that's Christmas to me, all things, we're in this together and good explores of our home.  Kinda like Christoper Columbus stepping on to the shores of America but the balance would have it as, the shore line had been there for some time and you almost crushed that snail coming off your boat where within the tree line was looking out on to you! (all things)  Time will come for all things to move forward or perish but it seems we have a head start on the latter.  My favorite human conceit is our ideology of the food chain, if we were above any food chain you could bust through the Thermosphere and never look back.  But we need aid as in lift to get there, heat to keep us warm, oxygen to breath, artificial gravity in Zero G or the body starts shutting down, shielding from radiation hey wait a minute, radiation lives in an environment of 2.7 Kelvin,  just above absolute zero! Seems to me this energy force is above the food chain, nature herself, "you couldn't be me even if you wanted to".

Old Indian saying, "be still and listen to what in life is calling" and I would like to add that not so much you will hear it, but feel it.  It being all things.

"Merry Christmas to all things Earth"  

Example of all things "the balance", we have here Martin Heck Film Producer his site, Musical artist James Yuill goes out to his site and Heck's Tube channel. See mate the idea was always to share, makes for a broader balance on any subject and how you going to get there "On Your Own."                                   

Video uploaded by U Tube user Martin Heck

Fr Martin Heck:

This is a collection of the best timelapse shots I have accomplished over the past two years in several locations around Middle Europe. The mountain- and nature- timelapses were shot mainly in South Tirol in the Alps. The architecture shots, Hyperlapse-moves and cityscapes are based around Darmstadt/Germany.

Martin Heck 500px

Music: James Yuill - On Your Own  


Monday, November 17, 2014

Many have turned their back on America

America almost dead, pic fr Rex Ivy song Wake Up

This really hurts man, I have to say once again kindly separate America from the United States.  America is it's people and the United States is the government. This country has hardly no support of our government for all the wrong doings going on in the world in which the officials have tainted.  Just look at comments from other countries around the world today in the news and we find an ideology that the U.S. should be wiped off the face of the Earth.  Ah, you might get your wish for Fukushima is lapping up on the shores of California and will extend from there but unfortunately, radiation cares not of any border.

Seems to be that many in power could give a rat ass for respect and in turn we arrive at today, a world with such greed for control and stuff.  Humans are a complicated species, we don't live long and with that we're really into ourselves from the fortunes to be acquired and status in society as one walks out on stage with the crowd applause, lights flashing and Oh boy can I have your autograph.  This don't mean jack to the person who is hungry and/or homeless, doesn't know of fame, riches, stuff or ownership of any status that brings them into the light. This separation has divided us deeply of many scenarios not only as a nation but the world as a whole.  The manipulation of the financial markets keep sinking to a new level of the worst criminal activity in business today and the governments are hand in hand with it, from the Justice Department, Supreme Court right down to the little court house where the law of the land is burnt and twisted where We The People doesn't matter.  But in life you do matter, you care for your family and friends and this is earned not just given.

I myself have jumped off this train some time ago by maintaining less (close to nothing) and helping others when I can without an out stretched hand.  Bartering has become a main frame, for when the crash comes my losses will be next to none, a good position to be in, I'm already over it.  Kind of hard to get hurt when you have nothing to lose and the gain is great to start over.  This type of life is not easy but great seasoning for hard times which is coming like a locomotive from around the world, not just from what the U.S. caused.  So many are leaving the country along with business, hate to see ya go but I understand and wish you well.  Many here in America will tough it out, I'm still proud of my home ground, I don't see it as the leaders here who have screwed it up so bad where my patience have ran thin.  Been fighting corruption for 15 years but you don't know that, will continue to do so until I die and you buggers are welcome to kill me as I've been threatened from time to time along with everything you have stolen.  Corrupted power believes that if you kill what a man loves you have beaten him, this is partially true but the spirit of pride, respect and honor lives through out my day and as long as I have a pulse I will always love home, home is the good Earth, I will die this way.

Many have left already, many hate the U.S. (if not the whole world) but I don't blame you for turning your back or that you want the U.S. gone,  "I'm truly sorry if no one has said so."  I have your 6, I care and will die trying for you and what matters to bring us on a true north course.


This is a song about abandon love, when I heard this today I could only think of America.

Rex Ivy Productions

Video uploaded by U Tube user Rex Ivy