Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome to The Globe Backyard

Lots coming your way from around the world, your going to like the way this feels. Just the beginning day 1.

Yeap we just started this today,  with keeping you in mind of how we interact with what's available with ease that pleases and easy on the eyes.  We're changing!  For starters look at Backyard tabs above and a list of app format is provided for your reading interest from sources around the World.  So we get the real deal not just what you hear.  We're going deep and this is going to continue to grow, simply because we need to know.  Kind of like the state slogan from Missouri, "SHOW ME" 

The Globe Backyard celebrates 
1st Year Launch-Date 2/14/14   

Video uploaded by U Tube user G.C.C.U.

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