Monday, July 29, 2013

Bombs from all those Wars

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In just 4 years, 23,000 WW2 bombs have been removed from tourist haven Palau. Yet with thousands more littering the island, the legacy of battle remains a deadly threat to people, economy and environment.

 "Over there in the mangroves is a 100kg bomb sticking out," points Steve Ballinger of de-mining organization Cleared Ground. The inhabitants of the island are still coming to grips with the extent of the threat.  Every search uncovers more bombs: in the waters, caves and even people's backyards.  Acid leaking out of the bombs poisons the water and the animals that people eat.  As the race to remove the bombs becomes more hazardous, this report captures the dangerous task of cleaning up an old mess.

The U.S. State Department concurs. According to State Department reports, sixty to seventy-five million landmines are live in the ground worldwide.  Imagine it, that’s one landmine for every family of four in the U.S.

Sept 2012 an area of Holland’s busiest airport, Schiphol in Amsterdam, was shut down and evacuated when an undetonated World War II German bomb was unearthed during construction at one of the terminals.

According to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, antipersonnel mines, landmines, and cluster munitions injure and kill civilians every single day across the globe. 

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines

Seeker Daily 

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