Thursday, August 1, 2013

Outback Zone Modern Day Wannabe Aborigine

Here's a fella living in the Australian Outback like a modern day Aborigine. WarblesOnAlot lives on an endangered species sanctuary and allows him to be the gatekeeper of feeding the Kangaroos'.  The man is a survivalist and with that comes engineering of what you have! He has created a small power supply that stores the Sunlight as D.C. in the Batteries, but the Inverter then pumps 240 Volt AC to the Hut & the Shed. He mentions "there's no better way in conserving water, then carrying it, before you get to use it".  Warble gets evolved in many experiments (check out Permanent Magnets)  which he posted on his channel, some work others don't, that's science.  He touches on philosophy, other cultures, for instance, he has remarked the USA as "The Excited States", that's a good one.  Warbles just might be the real "Kangaroo Jack".

From a fella Down Under, WarblesOnAlot


WarblesOnALot was created to spread the word of his SunFoil creation. The SunFoil is a solar panel with its own charge controller, plugged into a car's battery, saving fuel by lessening the load on the alternator.

As time went on WarblesOnALot also became a vlog, with videos of handfed kangaroos, birds and wallabies as well as many other random subjects, from aeroplanes to windmills to bleeding trees to philosophy. Subscribe if you dare.



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