Sunday, November 17, 2013

Globe Backyard TV- "Give 'em the Green Weenie"

"Give 'em the Green Weenie"
 Going to make life as entertaining as possible and I'm going to help, (Globe Backyard TV) we all need to have more fun and a new path.  I can tell ya a lot of shaking going on.  You've got JP Morgan going out on Twitter and they got their beak clipped hard, guess the firm thought it was safe to start an open chat with the public, yeah right!  I tell ya what these criminals should be doing is working towards a way to give back what they stole, because the world's public is junkyard dog mad as hell!  These brilliant Jack Wagons' are setting aside billions to fight lawsuits pay for attorneys and legal fees, it was reported JP Morgan's war chest is at 100 billion to fight to keep what they stole.  You know for these "Mother Buggers" (I'm watching my language here) that ain't shit, what should have happened and since billions are a spit in the bucket an armada of ships should have shown up the day after the Haiyan ripped through the Philippians.  Did any of the corrupted banks even think of this?

Well we're going to have some fun ripping your ass and not doing business with you boys' and once all hard working people who bust their ass for the little life we have are on one mainstream you will think Godzilla just plunged his Green Weenie deep into your vault, because that's the only place it hurts, oh you will feel it cause here it comes!  What it is, are more and more people pulling money.




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