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NASA Satellite- Super Typhoon Haiyan (Updates)

NASA Satellite Super Typhoon Haiyan 
Holy mother of storms, look at the size of this monster 500 miles across and one of the highest measured winds ever recorded!  Winds @ 190mph gusting to 230mph, I mean what the hell could possibly stand as this King Kong bears down on the Philippians?  The U.S. National Hurricane Center website indicates that a Category 5 hurricane/typhoon would cause catastrophic damage!  A high percentage of framed homes will be destroyed, with total roof failure and wall collapse. Fallen trees and power poles will isolate residential areas.  Power outages will last for weeks to possibly months. Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months.  If you were caught in this you would think it's the end of the world.

Oh man, the poor people of the Philippians been pounded all year by storms but this monster in the making was passed over Nov. 4 by NASA's Aqua satellite (good thing the government shutdown is over) passed over Tropical Storm Haiyan on and infrared data showed a large area of powerful thunderstorms affecting Micronesia.  The Joint Typhoon Warning Center has forecast newborn Tropical Storm Haiyan to strengthen to a powerful typhoon before making landfall in the Philippines on Nov 8.

The infrared data showed cloud top temperatures as cold as 210 degrees kelvin/-81.67F/-63.15C/ in the thick band of thunderstorms around the center.  Those cold temperatures indicate very high, powerful thunderstorms with very heavy rain potential maybe 8 inches.   Haiyan has made landfall it's moving west-northwest at 22 knots/25.3 mph/40.7 kph and generating extremely rough seas with wave heights to 50 feet/15.2 meters. After passing through the Philippines, Haiyan is expected to move through the South China Sea as it heads for landfall in Vietnam. 

Haiyan is the Chinese word for petrel, a type of bird that lives over the open sea and returns to land only for breeding. Cute name for a Typhoon but this bitch is not going to be nesting. 

Typhoon Haiyan  (280 photos you won't believe this)

Some of the first footage 

Weather officials said Haiyan had sustained winds of 235 kph (147 mph) with gusts of 275 kph (170 mph) when it made landfall.  By those measurements, Haiyan would be comparable to a strong Category 4 hurricane in the U.S., nearly in the top category, a 5.  Many reports on wind speed, near and around the eye of the storm the winds are the highest speed.  Tropical meteorology expert Dr. Jeff Masters said that with sustained winds at 195 mph and gusting to 235 mph, the storm was the strongest tropical cyclone on record to ever make landfall and "the 4th strongest tropical cyclone in world history.  The previous record was held by the Atlantic's Hurricane Camille of 1969, which made landfall in Mississippi with 190 mph winds."


Lots of Water



Stronger than Katrina and Sandy combined

 Typhoon Haiyan plowed through the Philippines with gusts of 235 miles per hour, leaving homes and buildings destroyed.  It is estimated over 10,000 people have been killed and missing.  Oh my God, this number is going to keep rising.

R.I.P. Those killed by this monster.



Massive Devastation

 Paula Hancocks describes what she saw while flying over the region devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan. 



One blow after another 

 Typhoon Haiyan is the Philippines' fifth natural disaster in a single year, only adding to the relief challenges facing that nation. There are hundreds of other towns and villages stretched over thousands of kilometers that were in the path of the typhoon and with which all communication has been cut, Natasha Reyes, emergency coordinator in the Philippines at Medecins Sans Frontieres, told Reuters.  "No one knows what the situation is like in these more rural and remote places, and it's going to be some time before we have a full picture."   Overall, the United Nations estimates 9.8 million people have been affected by the typhoon, 2.5 million need food, and 659,268 have been displaced. 

 Lim from Save the Children told the UK’s Independent children had been particularly impacted by the typhoon. “We are witnessing the complete devastation of a city.  In Tacloban, everything is flattened. Bodies litter the street, many, many of which are children.  From what I saw, two out of every five bodies was that of a child", he said.



BBC News 11/17/13

 People in remote parts of the Philippines cut off by Typhoon Haiyan have been desperately scrambling for aid which is starting to arrive from the air. More than 600,000kg of food, water and medicine has been handed out since the relief effort began. 

Wow Man!

 We're in trouble, the coastal areas are going to be uninhabitable as this warming continues along with sea level rise.  The poor people of the Philippians have just experienced the Perfect Storm of nature.  The central dense overcast, the solid area of clouds around the eye, indicates good health and extreme strength in the core of the storm on Nov. 7, 2013.  Hurricane expert Michael Lowry states that few storms have ever been this 'perfect' in terms of symmetry.

This infrared satellite image loop shows Super Typhoon Haiyan about to make landfall near the town of Tacloban in the Philippines.  The gray area is what Michael Lowry is referring to, so dense and smooth, the Perfect Storm of nature.  This is the beginning of a change to come, the death toll is off the charts taken by this monster, we better heed the warning as the climate changes, for the ones taken here it was the end of the world!  You do not, want to be in there.

To All The Poor Souls Taken R.I.P.

Multi Billion Dollar Banks & Corps all over the World, Whats This Then?  I Don't Know

 The sea is telling us something Pod, we better listen.  Be still and listen to what in life is calling or we miss the big picture.  At this point the Philippians need a world benefit and who's next?  A moment of silence, to pay attention to all life and all nature around us.

This disaster really proves the monetary system is not for everyone.  Let's take war for instance when attacking the enemy an armada of ships line the coast just before dawn and a massive landing is unleashed on a certain beachhead. Every country on this planet puts more into military efforts to where they're broke and have to borrow money.  In this instance of the Philippians, the world experienced nature's wrath whereas all the military might of all countries couldn't even begin to fight this monster.  So why is it at the dawn of the next day there was not an armada ships and aircraft ready to assist our neighbor and storm the beaches up and down the coast with relief.  What a proud day that would have been for the world towards humanity and the look on all faces of the ones lost on the beach as they smiled and cried at the same time.  What was that I heard?  Right, no money in that!

Instead, there's looting, rape, starvation, medical needs and our dead in the streets along with meg shift facilities trying to operate while people themselves are digging up the ground to reach a water pipe and break it open to drink.  At some point money will have to go, it serves no one and certainly makes a poor master as corrupted governments and corporations run the show, were going to need more body bags.  Damn,  I wished we would have all showed up with the logistics we're capable of, no excuse of our capabilities.  The only one is we're not done evolving and that would be;  what it is to be more humane than human and for that I'm truly sorry where more is less at this time in our existence.             

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) 

Erwin Schrodinger


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