Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving for Humanity

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 Science will forever push us forward for a better tomorrow and for many of us on this Thanksgiving day NASA has helped and brings us closer together.  As the ISS orbits Earth the advancements in our everyday life have been many in supporting humanity through the coalition of several countries working together in experiments and engineering alone that has created the ISS.   Our lives and health are already changing and it's only going to get better from the results these teams strive for. Soon will come a time where manufacturing is obsolete with the aid in 3D printing and once a man understands all matter I've said this before, will be the Holy Grail for humanity.  In the meantime what has come from experiments and upgrades to the ISS we are utilizing back here on the good Earth.

From ReelNASA:  For generations, we have dreamed about a place to live and work in space...a space station.  And right now, 260 miles above us, moving 5 miles a second...that dream is a reality. We dreamed that life up there would benefit life down here.  That dream has come true.  Can the research on board the space station lead to cleaner drinking water on Earth?  Can it help farmers produce better crops?  Can it inspire a generation of students?  Can it even save a life?  It already has.  As the work aboard the International Space Station begins to reach its potential, the benefits to humanity are becoming evident.  These are just a few of the stories from people who have benefited....told in their own words. 



Shaping Humanity

What did earlier humans really look like?  What was life like for them, millions of years ago? Award-winning paleo-artist John Gurche is artist-in-residence, Museum of the Earth, Paleontological Research Institute, Ithaca, NY.  His works have appeared frequently in National Geographic and similar publications and in major natural history museums including the Smithsonian, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Field Museum.  He enriches our awareness of the various paths of human evolution and humanity’s stunning uniqueness in the history of life on Earth. 

Shaping Humanity- the Book

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