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China Lands on the Moon Dec 14, 2013

A Chinese Long March 3B rocket launched from the Xichang launch site in China carrying the countries first Rover destined for the Moon - Chang'e 3. Liftoff occurred December 1st, 2013.  During this clip a camera is mounted by one of the engine bells, you get to watch from inside a stage separation, really cool clip.


China's Moon Rover 'Jade Rabbit' (Yutu)

Landing safely, China becomes only the third country to complete a rover landing - the first for 37 years - on the Moon.  An unmanned spacecraft carrying China's first lunar rover called "Jade Rabbit' has safely landed on the surface of the Moon, according to state television.  It is the first "soft landing" of a probe there for 37 years and China is only the third country to complete such a feat after the US and the former Soviet Union.  Beijing has now taken a big step towards becoming a global player in space.

Scientists burst into applause as a computer-generated image representing the Chang'e 3 spacecraft carrying the solar-powered buggy was seen touching down on the Moon's surface via screens in Beijing. The craft's camera broadcast images of the surface before it reportedly came down in the Sinus Iridum, or the Bay of Rainbows.  It had hovered for several minutes seeking an appropriate place to land.

China lands The Moon
In 2007, China put another lunar probe in orbit around the Moon, which then carried out a controlled crash onto its surface.  The rover is expected to separate from the lander and then carry out a three-month scientific exploration of the surface, in which it will look for natural resources.  The vehicle will be remotely controlled by Chinese control centers with support from tracking and transmission stations operated by the European Space Agency.  The name Jade Rabbit or "Yutu" was chosen in an online poll of 3.4 million voters indicating just how important this mission is to the Chinese public.  (how cool is that they got to name the rover) It's the next step in China's ambitious plans to land astronauts on the surface by around 2025. 

euronews (in English)


Rover Deploying 

The Chinese Moon Rover touched down on the surface of the Moon inside it's special lander Spacecraft. The rover then was lowered and rolled off a ramp.

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