Monday, December 16, 2013

NSA is coming to Town

NSA gets coal in its stocking
 The American Civil Liberties Union is imploring people to stand up for their digital privacy this holiday season and is doing so with a humorous YouTube video that has Santa Claus poking fun at the National Security Agency. “You wouldn't let government agents spy on your special holiday moments in person. Why are we letting them do it in the digital world?” a narrator asks as the video wraps up. “Right now, there is legislation pending in the House and Senate that would go a long way to stopping the worst of the NSA's excesses,” the ACLU writes. “So we need to turn up the pressure on Congress, which blindly gave the NSA too much-spying power in the first place.” “Sign the petition and let's push Congress to get in gear to end the secret surveillance state now,” the group asks. 

Looks as if the NSA gets coal in its stocking.

Full Story Channel "RT TV"

ACLU Action



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