Friday, June 6, 2014


The HawkkeyDavisChannel, Large-scale disasters continue to strike with regularity causing catastrophic damage to multiple areas leaving hundreds of thousands displaced.  Also included are some dramatically breathtaking weather events caught on video.  Rare, strange, unusually extreme and biblical weather conditions have taken place the past week or so.

There is evidence to suggest that it’s not just earth going through climate change. But in fact, our entire solar system is in a period of rapid change.  Polar caps melting on Mars, Pluto warming up as it moves away from the sun and the storms on Jupiter, disappearance of the White Ovals was not an isolated event, but part of a recurring climate cycle which will cause most of Jupiter's vortices to disappear within the next decade.  Some Facts

Now not to say the pollution by humans especially toxic waste as nuclear which remains for 100,000 years will not go unnoticed but the fact we cause such an era of change in the climate is an outright lie. The planet has experienced higher levels of C02 then the industrial revolution up to today.  Check these facts

From the short time I've been on the planet, the sun has never felt more intense and every part of our solar system is in its path, there has always been change, been that way for billions of years so what to do?  Might have to move away from the coastal waters and migrate further up north to avoid the heat and by all means stay near fresh water, ( now that we can screw up and are doing so with well fracking and a proposed nuclear dump near Lake Huron) what's really going to change is how we coup with the climate because we're not going to change it. The planet will still have a habitual zone, not too hot and not too cold, time will reveal where on Earth that will be.  

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