Saturday, June 14, 2014

Music Man Storm Chaser-Hank

From Pecos Hank:

HOWDY FRIENDS! Once while lodging after an exhausting storm chase I was snuggling my girlfriend and in my half slumber was thinking “This is the greatest thing ever.”  I leaned over and softly kissed her elbow which was hairier than I’d remembered.  That’s when my uncle said, “What are you doing?” 

Often while speeding after a tornadic storm I slam on the brakes to photograph a snake or owl on the side of the road.  If there are no storms then there’s time to scour the wilderness for alligators, scorpions and other creepy gems.  The backdrop of desert mountains, hidden canyons, dreamy cloud formations and an ocean of rolling Plains set the mood for lonesome Spaghetti Western tunes.  This is my favorite place. In my “VIDEOS” & “PHOTOGRAPHY” section you can see all the crazy jargon above.  Heads up! When a tornado is about to run your ass over it’s easy to lose your manners.

Pesco Hank 

Video uploaded by U Tube user Pecos Hank


Music Man Hank- "Southern Backtones" 

When the man is not out lassoing tornadoes and dancing with snakes he's cutting a CD and touring the States. 

“Southern Backtones is not Southern rock. It is a sea of expansive, dark rock with the unmistakable, vampy touch of David Bowie and the indigo mood of Echo & the Bunnymen.” Houston Chronicle 

Music Video “Forever” (produced by Zenfilm) has had international airplay on MTV2, MuchMusic Canada, CNBC and more.

Southern Backtones 

Video uploaded by U Tube user Zenfilm


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