Monday, July 7, 2014

Bridge the Country any Country

From studying the history of the world you can find an old poker hand that plays in the toppling of a nation's government.   First, a revolution along with sanctions is started, the dictator is removed and democracy is in-placed for voting by the people to help them think their country is on the right track.  An elected official is put in power and most times than not is placed by the aggressor who started the revolution, an oligarch if you will that will enable the plan to move forward.

Usually, the nation picked has energy resources, minerals, prime agricultural and or a strategic military value.  The main property to obtain is that which can produce exports and generate foreign exchange and after such a toppling the country is in financial stress needing an influx of cash.  At this point, yet another hero shows up to save the day, the bankers.  Loans are granted and now the business in the country can get underway, everybody is feeling better at this point. Until operators of textiles, mines, oil, agriculture or any output are stressed once again by import price placed on materials from other countries under the ruling hand that disrupted the country in the first place.  The export price of this country cannot compete with the price influx and soon business operators find themselves falling behind on the loan of the hero bank and go bankrupted.

Now we're at the final stage of why this all began, the bankers of the oligarch can march in and scoop everything up for pennies on the dollar.  No one around can even get in on the action for they have no idea what is coming to fruition of businesses and or properties.  The loans put in place are controlled by the oligarch banks, who the hell else is going to know if there being paid on or not! In order to have dominance, one needs collective control of those properties in the economic structure of that country.

Bridge the Country any Country

A Bridge too Far

We're seeing new tactics on the scene, a new player on the board is privatized military who are corporations, a soldier of fortune for hire.  Also, militant groups financed by other countries to cause upset.  One group in the news today is the ISIS that has taken a hold of Iraq and would like to create an Islamic state.  Now however this group got funded it seems that Saudi Arabia and Israel are worried about the movement.  Frankenstein (the founder) has created a monster and would like it's own rule of power.  In order for that to happen one needs collective control of properties, seems that rebel forces have learned well.

The power of the elites have gone too far, something is in the way.  Most nation despise war today through its people and have to maneuver other war junkies to participate with cash and they will show up, cash is king to many.  But then the media spills the beans of who is supporting the war groups either the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Russia, or the British Empire herself and people around the world know the true aggressor and financier.  Same old song and dance just look at Venezuela.  

The integration of immigrants into many countries to weaken the labor force of an honest wage. Here in the states, the Mexican border at Texas is being overrun by immigrants and the people are not all Mexican.  The new cheap labor movement, the oligarch are tired of moving their complexes around the world and told their government pals to just move cheap labor in.  But like Sweden you have the people in an uproar, that's right Sweden of all places is in civil unrest; where we come to a bridge too far.

A country does not have to fight this anymore for what is unfolding is a grass roots movement that will put many elite corporations along with their puppet government in place. The inception of hedge funds that by design will drive the price of any stock into the ground, coming soon to an exchange near you.  Also many on the right side of the fence will be supporting lobbyist to push and fight bills being passed by Congress.  But most important in this new game of collective control of properties is the individual, of how and where you spend your money and what bank you use.  Like war cut the supply line in funding, this is happening all over the globe or we would already be involved in WWIII, that has not happened, oh the poor dears! 

Many factors in moving off the diet of the dollar, through emerging markets of over 30 countries taking hold of new economic drive in ethics and transparency.  

The BRICS nations which are Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa which Indonesia and Turkey have been mentioned as candidates for full membership of the BRICS, while Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria and Syria have expressed interest in joining BRICS.  As of 2013, the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people with a combined nominal GDP of US$16.039 trillion and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves. 

The Eurasian Economic Union is an economic union which is planned to be established by a treaty signed on 29 May 2014 between the leaders of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia. The Union will officially go into effect on 1 January 2015 assuming the treaty is approved by the parliaments of the three countries. The EEU would create a single economic market of 171 million people and a gross domestic product of 3 trillion U.S. dollars. The republics of Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have also expressed interest in joining the organization.

The real whopper is that China is creating its own World Bank, damn! 

The Dollar is heading south, someone has been reading many books about world economics and domination. 

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