Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Does the Monetary system Work?

Ya know, that's a good question but even more so who it works for.  We don't need some thesis from an Ivory tower to explain economics, this is not a science. Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe, not about a man made board of Monopoly. Developed by the flowing robes of Britain some 300 years ago and erected here in the States, the dawn of Central Banking.  Our experience with Central Banking has led to war and depression bubble after bubble.  Sometimes a self-destruct button is pushed to halt a run on the banks where accounts are closed like in Cyprus and find days later your money is missing.  The reason for this is to steal money from society when the banks are carrying too much debt, create a catastrophe and blame it on that, now the books look better and you don't even get a thank you, while in a soup line, its happen before.  Today's ideology (idiot thinking) is walking away from the Imperialism, the combined interest of the BRICS Nations formed through Russia and China have had enough of this dynasties reign.  The BRICS Nations are creating their own Central Bank along with China's own World Bank breaking away from the World Bank (present) and the IMF.  Because of this you're seeing war, as usual.      

So in this system humanity is not of the best interest, the super zort lords (central banks) are not converging on Fukushima and Ebola to even help home or neighbors unless there was a profit involved.  The UN is passing the hat as a trust fund seeking $1 Billion to fight Ebola and after a month, so far $100,000 has been thrown into the hat, that came from Colombia by the way.  Oh wait, the World Bank issued dire a warning about Ebola's economic impact and just three days ago The World Bank will inject new pandemic emergency facility that would rapidly respond to future Ebola outbreaks by delivering money to countries in crisis. Well, there may be hope yet, now get your feet wet with Fukushima.  With the damn printing presses around the world, you would think an influx of cash for an all life disaster on a global scale would already be in place instead of passing the hat around.  I mean the financial institutions were bailed out pronto (save that dollar) while societies ass hangs on a string, something doesn't add up there.      

There is no question that Africa and Japan are in dire straits where the world needs to have combined effort on both Fuku and Ebola. Here's a clip of how we're handling Ebola, let it flow in.  The Bio-Tech suits are becoming popular and how about that black containment bag,  priceless.

Video uploaded by U Tube user Reuters 

Control the money and care not of laws, really?

Our Solar Systems Sun, "Pumpkinhead"  Happy Halloween 

How about the laws of nature, from your back door and pours around the planet with a force so strong that many species have come and gone.  No masters of the universe dwell here with us, that's why we praise God as a higher power over government, we don't pray to human beings, only for them.  On that note, the government has been removing the word God, like one nation under God.  U.S. Air Force Academy removes 'God' from its honor oath. Government's proper role with respect to religion is silence!  The God theory is this, "Mole he is burrowing, his way to the sunlight, he knows that someone there, is so strong." 

To usefully interpret the realm of common, shared experience and history, we must each make certain "over-beliefs" in things which, while they cannot be proven on the basis of experience but helps us to live fuller and better lives.

Popularity for Banks and many governments are at an all time low, the law of averages have been falling to the waste side.

In order for humanity to lead a better tomorrow, a certain balance has always been here and that was to share the planet's resources, not to hoard it!  This needs a new approach, kinda like an individual who only cares about his or her space and would just assume to use society and or the planet as its bitch, how about back in your face!       

Video uploaded by U Tube user Неуловимые


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