Monday, November 17, 2014

Many have turned their back on America

America almost dead, pic fr Rex Ivy song Wake Up

This really hurts man, I have to say once again kindly separate America from the United States.  America is its people and the United States is the government. This country has hardly any support of our government for all the wrong doings going on in the world in which the officials have tainted.  Just look at comments from other countries around the world today in the news and we find an ideology that the U.S. should be wiped off the face of the Earth.  Ah, you might get your wish for Fukushima is lapping up on the shores of California and will extend from there but unfortunately, radiation cares not of any border.

Seems to be that many in power could give a rat ass for respect and in turn, we arrive at today, the world with such greed for control and stuff.  Humans are a complicated species, we don't live long and with that, we're really into ourselves from the fortunes to be acquired and status in society as one walks out on stage with the crowd applause, lights flashing and Oh boy can I have your autograph.  This doesn't mean jack to the person who is hungry and/or homeless, doesn't know of fame, riches, stuff or ownership of any status that brings them into the light. This separation has divided us deeply of many scenarios not only as a nation but the world as a whole.  The manipulation of the financial markets keep sinking to a new level of the worst criminal activity in business today and the governments are hand in hand with it, from the Justice Department, Supreme Court right down to the little courthouse where the law of the land is burnt and twisted where We The People doesn't matter.  But in life you do matter, you care for your family and friends and this is earned not just given.

I myself have jumped off this train some time ago by maintaining less (close to nothing) and helping others when I can without an outstretched hand.  Bartering has become the main frame, for when the crash comes my losses will be next to none, a good position to be in, I'm already over it.  Kind of hard to get hurt when you have nothing to lose and the gain is great to start over.  This type of life is not easy but great seasoning for hard times which is coming like a locomotive from around the world, not just from what the U.S. caused.  So many are leaving the country along with business, hate to see ya go but I understand and wish you well.  Many here in America will tough it out, I'm still proud of my home ground, I don't see it as the leaders here who have screwed it up so bad where my patience have ran thin.  Been fighting corruption for 15 years but you don't know that, will continue to do so until I die and you buggers are welcome to kill me as I've been threatened from time to time along with everything you have stolen.  Corrupted power believes that if you kill what a man loves you have beaten him, this is partially true but the spirit of pride, respect and honor lives throughout my day and as long as I have a pulse I will always love home, home is the good Earth, I will die this way.

Many have left already, many hate the U.S. (if not the whole world) but I don't blame you for turning your back or that you want the U.S. gone,  "I'm truly sorry if no one has said so."  I have your 6, I care and will die trying for you and my pals who don't have a voice, in what matters to bring us on a true north course.


This is a song about abandon love; when I heard this today I could only think of America.

Rex Ivy Productions

Video uploaded by U Tube user Rex Ivy


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