Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Mind of Financial Structure

Graphic designer Igor Morski  

The earning reports for the first quarter are flooding mainstream before the Wall Street bell rings in.  Corporations have become addicted to Heroin Money supplied by the Fed and showing Mama to just change their diaper with a continuing mass feeding.  This new wave of reporting earnings can only mean two things, one would be to show the Fed before Wednesday please don't raise the rate and two, that investors should consider pulling profits off the table because this signal mentions a form of insider trading but is a whining cry for help!

When searching the understanding of market direction today many high chairs in the kitchen of finance revile analyzing microeconomics, accompanied by the Power Monopoly which needs to be part of investment decision.  The flood of interest-free money has forced the regulators to downgrade the Junk Bonds which came from the buyback of stocks through the corporations.  The mind of financial structure is imprisoned within itself, manipulating the law and accounting practices of Betty Crocker.

Just a couple of reminders here of this new age bull, Goldman Sachs and Northern Trust Global managed a $16.1 billion Central States fund in Rosemont, Illinois for the Teamsters. Well, they destroyed the fund by losing $11.1 billion in seed capital by placing big bets on stocks and non-traditional investments between 2005 and 2008.  Now, this goes even deeper because boys coming out of Goldman Sachs end up in government positions where Central State administrators lobbied Congress to pass legislation giving the authority to cut retirement benefits by up to 50% after Treasury Department approval.  This type of accounting practice and regulation is no mistake, you talented accounting boys ripped off the Teamsters!  I'll try to help ya with a suggestion, your only safe haven will be Mars, it won't be planet Earth.

Another example is the gold and silver price rigging finally exposed by investors who were tired of being ripped off!  Deutsche Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia and HSBC have admitted to price fixing which shorted the metals and you can be sure other central banks are in on this accounting practice, which has been going on since inception. 

A person today doesn't need a Ph.D. in finance to determine what the hell is going on.  Here at The Globe Backyard click on the business tab, go to the 3rd, 4th and 5th pic in the list after the vid on top.  From here you will be able to determine where the economy is headed, then go have some Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry.



 Preview from The Teamsters

Search the woods, mountains and lakes

When you think you're the master of the universe (as far as money goes) and your crock pot accounting pisses off the wrong group, you'll wish you were Merlin and disappear. 



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