Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew the Comment Section

Hurricane Matthew the Monster
Going through the headlines on Matthew and tracking the weather map as this monster is roaring up the coast of Florida, I came across Surfline a live cam of South Beach Miami and other Florida East Coast beaches where surfers were hitting the beach all day.  Category 4 hurricane and the surfers have no fear!
Also looking at the hurricane chart it seems Matthew has a friend, 'Nicole' out to the East and the spaghetti tracking is anyone's guess.  So Matthew is all over the news and we have a heads up but what's not being reported is the comment section of what's on people's minds as this unfolds.  In many cases of any article on the web the comment section is the real deal and in most cases the humor is off the charts and not politically correct!  One in particular article comes from RT and the viewers start to comment.

Blue Battery: What do they mean by taking pictures of your pets because many are not micro-chipped..? Wouldn't people be packing their pets with them?!

Reply from:
Red Plane: Most Floridians eat their pets once the bath salts wear off nd the storm clears. Its tradition there. Not sure what this reporter is going on about. (that's just raw)

Rowow: I don't understand whats the fuss. We are preparing hurricane parties down here if that's what they mean. (must be a surfer)

RT America


Matthew and Nicole

Surface Winds @ 120 km/h = 74.5 mph,40.51,1250

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