Saturday, October 15, 2016

Major Collusion of the Fraud

It will be alright, she had to go, we can rebuild.

Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog goes through this week which was just a barn burner, from Wikileaks on Clinton, the war escalating in the Middle East and of all things HSBC warns the world of a severe crash in the market.  At this point HSBC is no longer credible, they will add to the fall like all the other big banks will drop like a rock as customer base leaves and when Mama (the Fed) stops the feeding frenzy.  The real problem is Bozo's Circus (the monetary system) is in panic mode and what happens when a spoiled brat loses a game?  That's right, he or she will flip the game board and the pieces scatter all over the table.  So as we turn our backs on the Midway, hanging on to what's left of the Cotton Candy and bringing the Pinwheel into the garage for repair, we'll continue to enjoy the show as this barn burns.  

The 'crony criminal class' has created a major collusion of fraud but fear not, because Greg Hunter will inform you, make you laugh and lift your spirit, the man makes a habit of it. 

Enjoy The Show

Greg Hunter


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