Saturday, February 11, 2017

Notification Squad - Just send The Tweet Sir!

How many times in your life ya got caught in a situation where you needed some help?  The situation didn't call for dialing 911 or for roadside assistance.  So you called and\or texted a friend or family member where help was on its way!  As you rest the phone in your lap you were damn well pleased that someone cares for you and dropped what they were doing in order to bail you out!  Well, I would have to say you've earned this care and respect and on the other end of that phone represents the pride and honor to answer the call.

Today we have a new wave taking place, I noticed a trend on YouTube as 'Notification Squad', what this represents is a person as to being first to show up to a subscription channel where the first time comment post was notified.  In the beginning, the individual would post "first" now many clever gamers and that's where this has started from are using this phrase 'Notification Squad' and this team of individuals swarm to the call of favorite YouTube post.  An example of this I found from 'The Two Steps From Hell' channel where Abram Miller's (top comment tab) comment was Notification Squad :D, like many who have subbed the channel like Abram but he first answered the call.  After his comment other subs show up and replay in an honorable response as to Abram being referred to as "Captain on the bridge", others fall in and respond, "I'm here Sir what are your orders?" Abram has received 235 likes and 85 replies. (this is dynamic!)  Some folks might seem this is cornball but what these individuals have created is a model for answering the call!

So let's apply this to a scenario to a news reel I read last night:

With China wiping out a quarter of its world’s largest foreign-currency stockpile over the last 18 months and taking over top 6 major Hollywood studios, Beijing has already positioned themselves to form an alliance with the Trump-hating liberal elite in order to advance their plans.  President Trump has the power to invoke at any time he so chooses the Militia Act of 1903 and that upon his doing so, every able-bodied man of at least 17 and under 45 years of age in America will become part of what is known as the Unorganized Militia. (end YourNewsWire)

This is a prime example of 'Notification Squad', just send the tweet Sir!  I'll tell ya at which point without asking permission others will also arrive!  Any country around the world would fear the assault of such a force!  It's estimated that 1/3 of Americans own guns, (324 million) that figure would be 108 million people armed with 265 million to 310 million guns.  These folks at any time could convert to gorilla fighters, along with 21.8 million veterans of the US armed forces who overwhelmingly support Trump.  Those who do not own weapons and who answer the call just have to show up on the battlefield and you will find a weapon that was abandoned.  Plus from these numbers, we'll be acquiring heavy mechanical hardware, weapons and supplies because we'll just take it!  People with other expertise and abilities will help aid in the call!

Notification Squad: I'm here, how may I be of assistance?

How would this play out:  A real live scenario in the briefing room, Sir we're being outflanked in California by the enemy!  "Call the Notification Squad now!  Send the tweet!"

I'm going to give Abram some credit for allowing me to explain this remarkable model of answering the call.  Where to any people around the world of individual countries can apply the same tactic, frickin outstanding!  This type of assembly can be used on many levels, not just for war!  This swarm could be called on for many disasters, your imagination is limitless!

The dawn of the sovereignty of The People.

Mortifer V.


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