Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Two Steps From Hell

Two steps from Hell, so we forge together.
Many good souls will understand this, has a time come across your life where your heart was tossed into a meat grinder and your soul was seen laid to waste?  But you found it in yourself to rise even though your head was in the dirt with an enemy standing on your neck! This force that brought you to your feet was more than you, life was not done with you at this point and helped brush you off.  From an experience such as this, that wound healed but the memory and experience forged a stronger inner core within yourself.  An edge experience, something like two steps from hell where your patience ran out and\or even life threatening.

With the Deep State and Shadow Governments tied to corporation around the world all sucking humanities breast dry to a point where the heroin money (QE) is impossible to quit and not even giving a rat's ass about the Ecosystem or human rights.  Many saw the George Soros 60 minutes clip where he says "I'm there to make money, I can not and do not look at the social consequences of what I do." Even Larry Summers has claimed in investing today we need to look at what the Power Monopoly has their hand in before we play.  Well, it's frickin obvious the politicians tied to the Zero Halliburton briefcase shows a consensus that Soros commentary rings true.

So what to do?  Well, today we know the enemy has been from within and without our best interest we get dragged into a war where dirty deeds are done dirt cheap.  In WWII many people from several nations fought arm and arm to rid of a tyrant which is always created by the Power Monopoly.  With that, we know how to stand together in the midst of the impossible, where today we're at that point again.  But it's tough fighting soldiers of fortune (terrorist) and corporate military groups for hire, this is the work of Shadow Governments moving the pieces on the war board.  So instead of wiping people out, we cut the supply line to those who create the war in the first place.  Vote em out of office and don't contribute to known banks and corporations involved.  9/11 will be that book to follow for a future generation, one chapter of history the Power Monopoly will not be able to print to press for the public is the media now instead of Fake News!

Moving forward there is a regime change going on from voting, attempted coups which happened here in the U.S...  Now with Jeff Sessions as Attorney General with a narrow vote of 52 to 47 we'll see if Presidents Trump's heart is in the right place as told to the American People as to 'Drain The Swamp' of creatures from our government.  Fukushima, Pizzagate and War are the worst of all of this dark government, we better witness Nuremberg trials and many orange jumpsuits!  This will be history because the Freemasons are catching flack from the Vatican, President Trump is a Freemason along with others, The Knights of Malta at war with The Pope?  It seems GOD will have to get his house in order for it's two steps from Hell!

In closing, from the strength bestowed into you from the ultimate fail, you are saved for many reasons, I would have to assume you have a heart of gold and a soul of steel which you would never sell.  I would like to ask you at this time in our history on this planet to forge together and stand strong, I love you, that's why I'm still here and I shouldn't be.  Faintly in the chorus of the instrumental you will hear "you and I."    

A comment on this song 'Forge', album Vanquish, sparks an interest in the meaning 'Two Steps From Hell' by Brandon Lewandowski:  As far as I can tell (maybe it has been noted somewhere officially?), it is two metaphysical steps: Hell, Earth, Heaven. So Two Steps From Hell is heaven. It's fitting. Their music is glory, not terror... generally speaking, at least. (end comment)  

Brandon, mentions their music referring to the producers of 'Two Steps From Hell' who are Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix who forged together.

Two Steps From Hell


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