Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Christmas to all things Earth

Martin Heck Timelapse Showreel 2013

Understanding the balance of all things will lead humanity to the Holy Grail and that's understanding all matter.  This in itself would be the greatest Christmas present to all humanity, with such science the need to hoard any item will not be necessary, kinda like a printing money machine but in the realm of balance, all would share.  Not just for some, where the scrooge of Holiday fracture tears at beliefs and religion ideology, this is human conceit which keeps dividing us ever deeper from an elementary level that has been here since the beginning of time, a science yet to be revealed, "the balance".

The balance is one element supporting another, without that support the chain is broken and collapses,  just like a DNA strain moves an element here take one from there and we have a person that's physically impaired or NFL quarterback. We can't ignore the building blocks of all life around us, nature does not even consider ideology, this is a human thing that sometimes ends with a Fukushima; idiot thinking.

So the Universe and Earth are our greatest teacher, that's Christmas to me, all things, we're in this together and good explores of our home.  Kinda like Christoper Columbus stepping onto the shores of America but the balance would have it as, the shoreline had been there for some time and you almost crushed that snail coming off your boat where within the tree line was looking out on to you! (all things)  Time will come for all things to move forward or perish but it seems we have a head start on the latter.  My favorite human conceit is our ideology of the food chain, if we were above any food chain you could bust through the Thermosphere and never look back.  But we need aid as in lift to get there, heat to keep us warm, oxygen to breath, artificial gravity in Zero G or the body starts shutting down, shielding from radiation hey wait a minute, radiation lives in an environment of 2.7 Kelvin,  just above absolute zero! Seems to me this energy force is above the food chain, nature herself, "you couldn't be me even if you wanted to".

Old Indian saying, "be still and listen to what in life is calling" and I would like to add that not so much you will hear it, but feel it.  It being all things.

"Merry Christmas to all things Earth"  

An example of all things "the balance", we have here Martin Heck Film Producer his site, Musical artist James Yuill goes out to his site and Heck's Tube channel. See mate the idea was always to share, makes for a broader balance on any subject and how you going to get there "On Your Own."                                   

Video uploaded by U Tube user Martin Heck

Fr Martin Heck:

This is a collection of the best time-lapse shots I have accomplished over the past two years in several locations around Middle Europe. The mountain- and nature- time-lapses were shot mainly in South Tirol in the Alps. The architecture shots, Hyperlapse-moves and cityscapes are based around Darmstadt/Germany.

Martin Heck 500px

Music: James Yuill - On Your Own  


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