Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Game Changed

Reflecting on a quote from former Sen Alan Simpson. "These guys are purest and the thing that has destroyed their party through the decades of my existence is that they give each other the saliva test of purity, then they lose and bitch for four years wondering how they lost."   Russian Ruble @ 49.8120, the 52 week high @ 78.5784, the 52 week low @ 33.2940. 

That quote from Uncle Al sums up Western Imperialism as it's losing allies, military bases are being asked to leave, financial restructuring and many countries are coming aboard China's Investment Bank which 52 are now partners.  Also, many countries are dropping assets, bonds of Europe and the U.S. The West was asking many countries not to team up with China, well fellas it's over and why is this happening to the purest? (a homogeneous or uniform composition)  One good reason is no one likes you, throughout the centuries you had it your way twisting arms of other countries, destabilization, sanctions, (owned banks) insurgents to topple a government in order to create war and lastly to steal territory and resources.  The game changed when the West sold too many lies and cheated, the financial fiasco will always be a reminder just like 911.

HSBC chief executive Stuart Gulliver along with Group Chairman Douglas Flint apologies to MPs on the Treasury Select Committee for "unacceptable" practices at the bank's Swiss subsidiary.  Douglas Flint was one of the key speakers at the 2015 Economic Forum in Davos, alrighty then.

The Telegraph


Test of Purity

Now I know you're going to laugh but it works, when we go reading articles of such scenarios as here and one forgets to give the public any tools for a fix to help stable in what is wrong; here on The Ship, we expose such tools.  The whole thing is out of whack like an unstable nuclide but in nature this nuclide will stable in time as to the half life of a radioactive isotope.  To speed this process up one needs to remove an element, in this case, it would be lying.  So at social functions, fundraising, dinner parties and group meeting let a fine truth serum be introduced, even if you know it's purpose it will not aid to ones lie.  This serum is iced Jägermeister a German digestif made of 56 herbs and spices at a strength of only 35% alcohol by volume.  After 8, 10 shots I don't care who you are (I think it's the herbs) the dam is going to bust, you think I'm kidding?  Try it, it will make a believer out of ya, one way to get back on a True North course is knowing the lies, bottoms up Mates! 

About consumption: "drink responsibly, bring Kleenex, the truth hurts." 


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