Sunday, May 3, 2015

'Keep The Streets Empty For Me'

SKYANDMETHOD.COM  aerial photograph in Ukraine

Was going to post this under Kiev- The Ukrainian's deadliest Battle (Updates) but when reading the lyrics to the song, well front and center is where it belongs. Too many people have died and been displaced during this conflict, ah hell all conflicts going on in the world today just end up dividing us deeper where a gap becomes an abyss or worst yet a Black Hole which will suck all in around it, war has that ability.  We think we're so different from one another, think about this the planet's population is at 7 billion and we have 365 days per year when's your birthday?  Well, mate did you know you share this with 19,178,082 other people!  Not so special anymore are we, it's so damn important that we're in this together, there's more value, just imagine the party on your birthday if you all got together! I'd be happy supplying the cake for that event on that one particular day, the value is immense!

So we tap into that value, look around it's here to share not pilfer, kill, rape like many entities and groups are doing.  Listen, I know anger just like the next guy my life was completely raped, take away what a man loves and the enemy thinks he has beaten that man.  Well, Mate, it's not how hard you hit but how hard you get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward, that's how winning is done!  Our deepest fears are not that we are inadequate but we are powerful beyond measure.

Here's Kiev,  just as much pride, respect and honor as any country on the planet and if you don't think so you're part of the problem and we're working on that. We don't tolerate such actions on any people here on Earth.  We're coming together, there's more value and it shows. 


Олег Стельмах


Fever Ray

The filmmaker of Kiev aerial showreel has the music of Fever Ray's song 'Keep the Streets Empty For Me' (part of the song was left out)  The meaning of this song shows the impact of someone who lives on the streets and how isolated anyone in this situation is from our Man-made Board of Monopoly.  Oh just pick a scenario of how or why many are going through right now.  I know of the ideology of some who say well it's not my problem or it's not affecting me. Really, seriously this is how the great divide starts if one feels they're on top and has everything, you have nothing for the ones around you are only there for your money, test it.  Selfinism is placing ourselves above anyone or anything alive, leaves you as empty as a coffin before you're thrown into it and what are you taking with you cupcake?

Uncover our heads and reveal our souls.  

Fever Ray


Lyrics fr 'Keep The Streets Empty For Me'

Memory come when memory's old 
I am never the first to know 
Following the stream up north 
Where do people like us float 

There is room in my lap 
For bruises, asses, hand claps 
I will never disappear 
For forever I'll be here 

Morning keep the streets empty for me 
Morning keep the streets empty for me 

I'm laying down eating snow 
My fur is hot, my tongue is cold 
On a bed of spider web 
I think of how to change myself 

A lot of hope in a one man tent 
There's no room for innocence  
So take me home before the storm 
Velvet moths will keep us warm 

Morning keep the streets empty for me  
Morning keep the streets empty for me 

Morning keep the streets empty for me 
Morning keep the streets empty for me 

Uncover our heads and reveal our souls 
We were hungry before we were born (x4)

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